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Welcome to Colors and Facts on health and fitness; where information on health and fitness are freely offered to you for urgent attention and caution, all our efforts are for your total well-being.

In the face of the ravaging common and preventable diseases( or lifestyle disease conditions) in the world today, Colors and Facts on Health, happiness and wellness– holds up the banner of caution- to remind everyone, amidst the available medical sophistication today, that: “prevention is better than cure”.



 We project information and promote tested and efficient natural things that are used to prevent, remedy and or relive various disease conditions- from common diseases to lifestyle diseases.


We also project simple health principle, to keep every interested party healthy and fit.


C andteam is committed to the task of educating the general populace on simple but very vital and natural ways of preventing disease or illness and also, the cure of diseases with natural (or alternative as most people prefer to call it)  healing procedure.



In fact, the Prevention and treatment of diseases,-with simple natural things, and the burden of educating and enlightening the general populace are on the shoulders of the team at Colors and facts.



I, the Chief Administrator of Colors and Facts on Health, happiness and wellness, have had a great deal of unexplainable body pain(s) and discomfort(s), from time to time and for different conditions, I did and have sought for varied medical attention and advice. However, in all these predicaments I have found out, by experience, a number of things that work best and have keep me going.



Colors and facts.com is the E-podium for few individuals with experience in the use of natural remedies in the prevention and treatment of diseases and are dedicated to the service and care of the sick.



We project the necessary information and procedures on how to maintain health and remain fit, and in case of illness and disease conditions(s): we proffer information on how to also treat some conditions on your own (by yourself) however, we have a directory page on leading lifestyle and Treatment center around the globe that we know can assist you in the management of your health.


Health challenges especially the lifestyle disease are handled by all those listed on this page.



You can find a lifestyle center closest to you or that may suit your budget and particular treatment options

health expo setup
health expo training
health expo training


MISSION =   Our mission is simple: Which is to educate and inform all people on the best ways to live their lives in other to prevent physical weakness, illness, various lifestyle diseases (preventable disease) and untimely death.

People are trained (through some dedicated groups) and do treat various conditions in diverse and dedicated treatment centers and sanitariums.

  • We run a sanitarium and treatment centers;
  • We organize and give health lectures
  • We give health lectures on invitation
  • We organize and hold health expository series
  • We hold Health Expos on invitation

Colors and Facts.com is driven by the sure efficacy of the pure and simple lifestyle (day-to-day way of life) in the prevention and treatments of disease conditions, especially in diseases such as are classified as lifestyle or preventable disease.



C and F is committed to the task of building the hope of the weak and hearth broken patience, and strengthening the assurance of the sick-. While we instruct and help the sick-world to rise on her feet, only God heals the Body, Mind and Spirit.


Mission: To have everyone on the glob become conscious and knowledgeable about their health and what is best for it, hence, personally maintaining healthy habits and lifestyle free for various diseases


Goal: To eradicate Lifestyle Diseases from the human family before the down of 2045.

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