Care of the Heart with Ease:  Preventing elective Dependence;

How to Avoid Heart attacks and Strokes


Story II: Rick was referred to, by his wife, as a superman. Rick was a fireman in the west; he was active, intelligent, responsive and responsible. He was always the man on the job and always on the front line of duty and danger; a self-made-man he was, never dependent and always supportive. One day Rick was physically immobile. He could not move or coordinate parts of his body, in fact, the scene that played out as he struggled for his life was a trauma and a very perplexing moment for the wife Kim- who could not comprehend what really was happening to her super-man husband.

Rick was rushed to the hospital, where he instantly received professional attention and later his results showed that a branch of the artery that supplied blood to a part of his brain was blocked, thereby cutting off blood supply to a part of the brain and that resulted in the death of that portion of his brain. With the play out of this traumatic ordeal, rick lost the use of his left arm and leg. Rick had had a stroke.


Story II: One cool evening, some years ago, in an African community, Uangalifu or Galifu for short– a father of 5 was enjoying his meal at night, it was his dinner. Though the hour was late for food, but it was usual for Galifu and his people (in fact, it was almost customary for families to eat their last meal at that time during that particular season of the year, probably because of their vocation.) He ate his native delicacies of vegetables, well cooked ugali and lots of spiced fresh oil. The family usually discoursed, joked, and chatted over the meal. It was a time most family members longed for at the end of each day.

Later that night, around the wee hours of 3:29 A.m, Galifu was woken by a sharp pain to the left of his masculine chest. He clutched that side of his chest as though he was shielding a precious pearl, but his face depicted pain and agony. His wife and the entire family were now awake because of the condition of Galifu. He was given water to drink and the pain was getting excruciating and Galifu was getting weak so fast and steadily too.

In minutes, Galifu was immobile and unconscious- arrangement was made to move him to the nearest help. He was rushed to the nearest health center that early hour, however, the medical personnel confirmed Galifu dead on arrival. Galifu had died way long before they ever got to the health center. Investigations showed that part of the artery that supplied blood to a part of Galifu’s heart was blocked and blood was unable to nourish some arrears affected. Galifu had had a heart attacked.

Countless of these true-life stories happen to unsuspecting people around the world from time to time, – in fact it happened to about 19,300 persons yesterday and will again today and the next day, except people take precautionary measures to reduce these ill occurrence, repetitions and affirmation of the statistics is what is certain.

Stroke, heart attacks or cardiac arrest are affecting a lot of people today, both the rich and poor alike; the educated and simple; the influential and the common man- same chances. But people at the upper class may have more options and chances to live because of access and resources they may be disposed to, however, nothing is worth the personal experience or stroke or cardiac arrest- therefore, to prevent these disease before they come is worth a whole lot more.

How common or popular is the conditions and what are the statistics?

The Numbers:
Every year, about 12 million people throughout the world die of heart attacks or a stroke. And in the United States alone “Heart attacks, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, strokes and other circulatory diseases claim about one million lives a year.” The Doctor Heart cure.

Heart attack is the #1 killer of men and women
  • There are 4,100 Heart attacks every day
  • And 600,000 heart attacks deaths each year (in US where the dated is more accurate) EHA
  • (But Nigerians are projected to have not less than 462 deaths a day and may get up to 23 million deaths a year by 2030 if adequate measures are not taken. Statistics are not accurate since most people don’t go to the hospital)
  • According to the World Health Organization “Heart attacks and strokes are major killers in all parts of the world. But they can often be prevented. “WHO


Although “Hundreds of thousands survive a heart attack” as observed by Carla Schmidt, “but [they] are left with a damaged heart” EHA (and this is the more reason we should all try to prevent it other than treat the condition, because a damaged heart cannot do its work well and the hearts’ work is very impotent)

Stroke The leading casus of death?

Stroke is the nation’s (USA) third leading cause of death and the leading cause of adult disability. The Doctors Heart cure  this statement will not be different from what obtains in Nigeria and anywhere in the world, maybe Japan might have a different record slightly better. Yet “Every person thinks it cannot affect him. It can only occur to the person next door” UN Health …. Then the Why me? Rhetoric begins to pour. Prevention is key- it’s the way to go in the cure of lifestyle diseases.

How Pivotal is the Hearth in Heart attacks or stroke

Whether the condition is Heart attack or Stroke, the heart is involved

Now do you know?

The human heart is located in the middle of the chest
And that the human heart is the size of a fist and weighs 7-12 once (198.4– 340 gram)
That the heart pumps about 1,800 gallons (6,813.74 liters) of blood, and beast over 100,000 times daily, EHA through the 12,400 miles network of arteries, veins and blood vessels is an impressive accomplishment and  that underscores the importance for maintaining a well-tuned heart and circulatory system. The Doctor Heart cure

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy hearth The Doctor Heart cure   Please don’t forget this fact.

What is Heart attack?

A heart attack or myocardial infarctions (MI) happens when blood flow to the heart tissue is blocked by certain obstruct, causing the tissues on the region affected to die from lack of oxygen or the reach of oxygenated blood. The death of such tissues may cause a lasting damage to the muscles of the heart or a total tissue /organ failure.

The number of cells that die during a heart attack determines if the victim will live or die” if eventually the victim survive the attack, the extent of the damage will determine the future capacity or incapacity The Doctor Heart cure

Who is the early heart attack care giver?

Who is the early heart attack care giver?  Spouse* children, Friend, co-worker, walk-out partner, and all of us  are the early heart attack care giver, because it does not happen on schedule, So we should pay attention as to be confident in helping someone should the need arise . 5 Steps

What is cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest is different from Heart attack. It has to do with the malfunction of the heart’s electrical system which leads to a total or partial halt of the heart function. One of the risk factors for cardiac arrest is a previous heart attack.

It is usually the regulated electrical charge on the heart that causes the heart muscles to contract and effect a pump, so if faulty the heart will not be actuated to contract effectively.

What is Heart failure?

Heart failure is not an outright failure of the heart to pump blood but the inability to pump the adequate volume of blood required to meet the body’s needs for blood and oxygen.

“Heart failure simple means that the heart is not pumping blood through the body as well as it should” UN Health

Congestive heart failure means- a damaged heart- becoming inefficient to pump blood volume needed by the body- but still working though.

When this occurs, the kidneys respond to the reduced blood circulation by retaining salt and water in the body, which adds additional stress to the heart and makes matters worse” The Doctor Heart  this results in the constant elevation of the blood pressure, predisposing the body to further cardiovascular diseases or stroke.

What are Strokes?

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked or ruptures and bleeds leading to oxygen depletion and lack in the affected area of the brain. And an elevated “homocysteine (level) is the best single risk factor for stroke” The Doctor Heart cure.

What is high blood pressure?

BP equipment
Know your BP

Blood pressure is a measurement of the force with which blood pushes against the walls of the arteries.
High blood pressure is a medical condition where the arteries are persistently disposed to an elevated blood pressure.

High B P or hypertension it is one of the highest risk factors for a heart attack or stroke and should not be handled carelessly because life, usefulness or efficiency could be determined by it.

“According to the World Health Organization, high blood pleasure or hypertension, affects approximately 22% of adults worldwide” Blood Pressure Solution
The high pressure in your blood vessels can damage the delicate tissues of your eyes, kidneys and brain” it often leads to heart attacks, strokes, loss of vision and kidney failure The Doctor Heart cure  one step towards the prevention of heart attack or stroke is to know your status: get checked and take action

What are the causes of Heart attack or stroke?

There are several culprits of Heart attack or stroke, however, to simplify the general effect of all the risk factors is that:

1 “Inadequate blood flow to the heart can cause attack;

Modeled heart
Diseased hearty(Heart section)

2 inadequate blood flow to the brain can cause strokes. The Doctor Heart cure.   Here are some factors that may decrease blood supply to the brain and heart:

1 Arteriosclerosis (hardening and loss of elasticity of the artery)

2 Artherioscleossisi (narrowing or clogging of the arteries) In cases of atherosclerosis,…”the vessels can be 70 to 90 percent blocked before any symptoms occur, and often a heart attack is the first warning sign that something is wrong” The Doctor Heart Cure

3 Hyper Dehydration etc

Causes of Heart attack or stroke include:

High BP is a high risk

* Hypertension: Hypertension is prerequisite to heart disease and strokes- in most circumstance; it may be a warning sign of some cardiovascular condition.

* Blood clot, inside the arteries, causes many heart attacks The Doctor Heart cure

* High serum cholesterol level: however, new studies are pressing that “Cholesterol levels do not predict heart attacks in the vast majority of patients” The Doctor Heart cure because “Nearly 75 percent of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol level The Doctor Heart cure other “Compelling evidence indicates that the best blood predictor of heart diseases risk is not cholesterol but homocyesteineThe Doctor Heart cure and that one of the major causes of elevated homocysteine levels is a deficiency of  B vitamins.

Genetics (with age too)

 Gender (more in men)

 Kidney disease

Inflammatory bowel disease


High blood pressure and smocking. The Doctor Heart cure

Other Causes of Heart attack and stroke

Sometimes when serum cholesterol goes down, the risk of dying goes up. Of course, there is no question that blood cholesterol is involved in the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. The Doctor Heart cure

*High CPR level: C-reactive protein (CRP) was recently recognized as an excellent predicator of heart disease. “What can you do to keep your level of CPR low? The best way is with exerciseThe Doctor Heart cure

*Angina-It is important to note that “Most angina attacks occur when the heart, (already) damaged by high blood pressure and coronary artery disease is stresses by physical exertion, emotional upset, excessive excitement, or even digestion of heavy meal” The Doctor Heart Cure

“Angina attacks often serve as painful reminders that the heart has been damaged and a full-blown heart attack may follow unless steps are taken to mend your ailing hearth” The Doctor Heart Cure

Women and Heart attack

This observation is vital and should be noted that “Heart attack in women is on the rise. One reason for this can be that more women are entering the previously male dominant world of business, industry and also the irregular working schedules. Also, tension, unhealthy eating habits, smoking alcohol intake and lack of experience have come into play” 5 Steps

Because this disease is on the rise and affecting all social class, all “People should know how to administer CPR (cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)” to aid victims, in case of emergency, till help is found.

Symptoms of Heart attack

The symptoms of heart attack may not be universal but most are found to be re-occurring and common among people who have been affected by heart attack, these symptoms include:

1 Sever chest pain that radiates to the shoulder, neck, arms (especially left arm) jaw or top of the      stomach
2 Shortness of breath
3 Paleness
4 Sweating
5 Dizziness
6 Fainting or loss of consciousness
7 Sense of fullness
8 Squeezing or crushing feeling in the center of the chest that may last for two minutes of longer. The Doctor Heart cure these are all reoccurring symptoms of Heart attack.

Women tend to experience more subtle symptoms like- nausea, dizziness, sweating, jaw pain,

Some people, especially the old, may not experience symptoms during a heart attack. The Doctor Heart cure And it’s the more reason why no one should rely on symptoms to do what will help the body because you may not have any symptoms preceding attack.

Who is the early heart attack care giver? Spouse, children, Friend, co-worker, walk-out partner, all of us so we should pay attention as to be confident in helping someone if need be. 5 Steps


You can Prevent Heart Disease and Stoke

BP equipmentPrevention is key- it’s the way to go in the cure of lifestyle diseases. Prevention of disease starts with knowing your status of vital body signs. You should have your blood pressure checked before the end of tomorrow, if you are above age 25, and monitor it more regularly if its above 135/ 80mmHg for all ages. Most hospital could do it for free, (some drug store may collect as low as N50 per/check [for Nigerians])

You may need to order your personal BP equipment now. Shop at Amazon for your Electronic BE Equipment (sphygmomanometer[link is an Amazon affiliate link])

Vital organs and non-regenerative body tissues

Vital organs and non-regenerative body tissues should be guarded with care Vital Organs should be cared forand jealousy: your brain and eyes should mean a lot to you, not only those two organs exclusively, in fact, no part of the human body should be neglected or toyed with, but these two organs could make one an invalid and or disabled in a jiffy.

The eye is another important organ often overlooked, at the eye clinic, I regularly hear young men and women crying Why me? Why me? Why me? After having been told the true state of their progressive or terminal eye condition- most of whom had neglected or overlooked a warning sign as long as 3 to 2 years earlier, and when the damage was almost complete and totally irreversible they cry God! Why me?  as though God is to blame. (If you notice any abnormality in your vision or sigh visit a good eye doctor to know if it is something that will escalate with time)

What to Do To Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

*Know your status first. (If you are above 36 years you may consider purchasing a personal sphygmomanometer. shop at Amazon affiliate offers)

*Take action if your pressure is higher than normal

*Eat wisely -“The key to heart- healthy eating is to choose natural, unprocessed foods that you like” Al Sears, MD The Doctor Heart cure
*Avoid Stress and learn to
*Exercise regularly
*Trust in God to manage what you cannot solely control

General tips for heart health

1 Exercise: “Your age doesn’t have to dictate your level of fitness or your muscle mass: if you don’t challenge   your muscles they will shrink. Without constant exercise, you lose about 3-pounds of muscles every decade after age 30” The Doctor Heart cure the heart muscles is also affected by this atrophy of muscles

2 Eat foods in their natural, unadulterated forms

3 To keep your heart healthy, avoid such man-made foods as … French fries, artificial cheese spreads, processed meats etc The Doctor Heart cure

4 You create both a lean body and a healthy heart by choosing the right quantity and quality of protein and carbohydrates

5 Eat nuts. Several studies show that those who eat nuts are less likely to die from heart disease than those who don’t eat nuts The Doctor Heart cure

Experts estimate that as many as 80 percent of all strokes can be prevented. The Doctor Heart cure

Plan your eating and exercise activities one day ahead to be proficient and to make it happen The Doctor Heart cure

What is the best exercise for the heart?

Many forms of exercise will benefit the heart but whatever you do make sure to task the heart in a short time, say a minute or two then rests and repeat (interval exercise). However, if you don’t regularly exercise or have not exercised for a long time you should start with light exercise for a 4-5 days a week and then progress from there.

“Studies have demonstrated that shorter duration exercise improves cardiovascular health more than long duration exercise.

It was found that 2 minutes running (on treadmill) then two minutes rest, repeated for five(5) cycles improved maximal cardiac output- while continuous exercise did not The Doctor Heart cure

“When you exercise continuously for more than 10 minutes, your heart adapts by becoming more efficient- this is achieved through downsizing, long duration exercise makes the heart, lungs, and muscles, smaller so that they can go longer with less energy… The Doctor Heart cure

Use PACE TM (Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion) The Doctor Heart cure the right exercise program for a healthy heart is such that will Challenge your capacity, a little bit at first, you gradually increase the challenge.

Train your heart with or by interval exercise, not endurance exercise, as advised by  Dr AL Sears. The Doctor Heart cure
It’s also reported that Interval training also lowers cholesterol level; increases ‘higher peak stock volumes’ of the heart. The Doctor Heart cure
Long-duration walking or jogging does little to improve your cardiovascular health. To strengthen the hearth and live longer, pick up the pace and follow the PACETM program The Doctor Heart cure

To live longer, practice a progressive interval exercise program such as PACETM
you can also build muscles mass, here are the benefits of Muscle mass:

Muscles provide energy by storing glycogen
Muscles strengthens the immune system
Muscles help maintain glucose balance
10 to 15 minutes a day keeps you fit The Doctor Heart cure

There is no drug to boast HDL. What’s the best way to increase HDL cholesterol? It’s simply Exercise

“A word of caution: if you’re starting an exercise program for the first time start slowly, you should also discourse your plan with your doctor. 25 Natural

Make an action plan a stick with it

Action Plan ( list what people should do) Know your blood pressure (check it soonest)
“You can protect yourself from heart attacks and strokes by investing a little time and effort”, on simple things that help WHO
1Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol reduces the power of your heart to pump blood. Sometimes, alcohol itself can be a cause of heart failure” WHO
2Avoid stress
3Exercise regularly (like 4-5 times weekly)

How can you protect your heart?

Healthy heart ways
You can win the struggle

Regular exercise is important for staying fit, especially if you have heart disease. HA

Don’t run away from the use of salt only balance the use. “Other than just reducing salt intake see that your meal is balanced with more potassium than sodium” because “Potassium and sodium are the body’s two major electrolyte nutrients essential for nerve conduction, energy production, and cell integrity. 25 Natural ways You need potassium; it allows sodium levels to balance in the body’s cell The Blood pressure solution

“Weight control is absolutely essential for controlling high blood pressure. About 30% of all people with high blood pressure can cure themselves by simply losing weight” 25 Natural waysif you need to work on your size or have tried severally you should consider this:…

*Eat right. (Avoid fat and fatty products [red meat, fried food, dairy products])

Effects of uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled high blood preasure:
1 Weaken the heart
2 Narrow kidney blood vessels
3 Burst eye blood vessels (causing visual impairment or blindness)
4 Heart attacks
5 Strokes
6 Loss of memory The Blood pressure solution

Chronic stress and  feeling lonely, isolated, or anxious for a long time can combine with other risk factors to make a person more likely to have a heart attack or stroke”…. AHA       “Be anxious for noting, but in everything … present your request to God” Philippians 4:6

Risk factors for Heart attack and Stroke

High Blood pressure is a serious factor: Generally speaking, the higher the blood pressures the higher the risk of damage to the heart, and blood vessels. Blood Pressure Solution seriously, “High blood pressure is in fact the most significant preventive cause (or risk factor) of stroke and heart disease around the world” Blood Pressure Solution

In a study conducted in the United States it was found that:
8 out of 10 people first heart attack was attributed to High Blood Pressure and
8 out of 10 stroke cases was attributed to High Blood Pressure
7 out of 10 chronic heart failure cases was equally attributed to HBP The Blood pressure solution

Inadequate dietary fiber consistently shows up as a complicating factor, in HBP cases” 25 Natural ways

Air pollution: Medical studies show that air pollution can trigger heart attacks, stroke, and irregular heart rhythms- especially in people who are already at risk for these conditions. US Health

Blood pressure (high), Triglycerides with low HDL, obesity, blood cholesterol, inactivity, alcohol use, smocking and stress (are controllable risk  factors) US Health

Negative emotion “Anger is probably the most self-destructive of our emotions and causes severe stress, an angry person with high blood pressure is like a toddler with a hammer- something bad is certain to happen” 25 Natural ways
People who can’t control anger almost always have high blood pressure; worse, it often leads to early heart attacks 25 Natural

Others risk factors include:
1 Alcohol and drug use
2 blocked blood vessels to the heart
3 pre-existing heart condition
4 Thyroid disease
5 High Cholesterol level
6 Anemia
7 Tobacco use
8 Lung diseases
9 Obesity
10 Sedentary lifestyle
11) Age
13) Diabetes
14 other unknown caused. UN Health

Lack of exercise contributes to insulin problems.

“As much as we might wish otherwise, there is no single herb or supplement that will correct the problems caused by too much stress, fast food and fast living,” therefore, “ find the right diet, nutritional supplement, herbs, exercise program and relaxing lifestyle” that turns your health and life around for the best.

“Drugs are appropriate for short-term use in emergencies, but they are poor substitutes for rooting out underlying causes of chronic diseases”. The Doctor Heart cure

How to recognize warning signs of a heart attack

You may need to adjust your lifestyle promptly “Some of these changes might be contrary to the way you have been eating (living and running your life), taken together, but they are a first, giant step towards reducing your blood pressure.” 25 Natural ways

If your blood pressure is not improved with foods alone or supplements then use one or more herbs for the cure” however, do not use herbs in place of good nutrition or lifestyle change. The Doctor Heart cure

Also note that “carrying extra body fat puts you at greater risk of a number of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder disease, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and kidney and liver problems.” The Doctor Heart cure so get going and watch your body mass index BMI

Be mindful of Stress, you cannot carry the whole problem of the world: only God can connect all the missing dots in your life- business, family, your expectations and worries etc. and only a firm trust in Him will balance all the ills that may worry your heart and prevent such stress levels that can cause any of these disease conditions: Heart attack or stroke.
Again we reiterate: well-documented scientific studies have repeatedly shown that special diets, lifestyle changes, exercise, nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs can not only prevent heart disease, but reverse and even cure it inexpensively and without the unpleasant or life –threatening side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

Herbs for the heart and that “About 85 percent of all high blood pressure can be completely controlled by diet, food and lifestyle” you have your choice be heart healthy today.

There is an ancient Chinese proverb: knowing and not doing is same as not knowing”
Know that important accomplishments start with planning. The Doctor Heart cure let your heart health journey begin today.


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