Constipation Natural Remedies and Constipation quick Relief

What is constipation a sigh of? Does it mean something sever is going wrong with my body?  and how can constipation natural remedies be used in quick constipation relieve?  We will gradually go through these concerns and more in this article.

Constipation definition

Constipation could be defined as a change in bowel habit or behavior of a person. For some persons, constipation could mean not passing stool or faeces at all, or at a given time; for others, constipation could be passing hard stools or having difficulty passing in stools.

How long is too long to be constipated?

Health authorities have ranged constipation in periods or times for a more scientific diagnosis of constipation. When you pass stools fewer than 3 times  per week, you are considered constipated. Constipation is considered sever if its less than one bowel movement per week.

So when you want to know how long is too long to be constipated. What you may want to know is if your constipation is considered acute or sever (acute) constipation. If you notice a change in the pattern of your stooling please do something about it and don’t wait till its diagnosed constipation. Constipation is the mother of many diseases.

according to MedicinNet  constipation could be:-Acute (recent onset)                                                                                                                 constipation  or

  Chronic (long duration) constipation

Causes of constipation

Constipation is caused, usually, by the slow movement of solid wastes material through the colon or the large intestines. Some factors usually cause this slow movement in the colon and we will discuss them later under the sub-title constipation causes.

Constipation causes

These habits, actions and substances, as listed below, have been linked with mild to very sever constipation cases. So to avoid these things is a giant step in preventing acute (mild) to chronic (sever) constipation.

  • Abuse of laxatives (drug side effects)
  • The use of low fiber diets (processed foods and animal product)
  • Not eating enough dietary fiber-such as found in fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and not drinking enough fluid.
  • Hormonal disorders
  • A high level of estrogen and progesterone level during pregnancy.
  • Dehydration or inadequate water intake

Other causes as observed by Agatha M. Thrash, M.D. include:

  • The use of low residue foods including: meat, eggs milk, and cheese.
  • Eating of highly processed foods such as: sugar, white bread, starch, and pastas such as macaroni, spaghetti, etc.
  • Too little exercise or no physical activity
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Eating hurriedly and not chewing food properly.
  • Tense and stressful lifestyle.
  • Ignoring the urge to eliminate.
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Poor posture; shallow breathing and
  • Constricting bands of clothing


What is constipation a sigh of?

It’s important to note that one could be constipated as a direct result of other factors excluding any underlying disease conditions. For instance, other causes of constipation will include; being dehydration, or lack of physical inactivity, lack of dietary fiber, or the use of certain medication.

Constipation is not a sign of death, but its usually a symptom something not right and are caused by many factors including some ill habits

Symptoms of constipation

The symptoms of constipation include some of the signs mentioned here but there could be other symptoms individuals may present, however, these are the common symptoms of constipation and they include;

  • Not passing stool
  • Abdominal bloating (the stomach usually increases as a result of indisposed solid waste, this is usually prominent when you are eat well and regularly without passing stool)
  • Passing hard, dry or lumpy stools
  • A feeling that not all stool has passed
  • Difficulty or pain passing stools
  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Continual strain to pass stool

Signs of constipation

Symptoms or signs of constipations mean the same thing. While some people may think that the sings they are having may be worse than should be associated with constipation, if it includes these they are still symptoms of constipation and not that your health-“skies are falling”.

Anal fissures or rectal bleeding; ie bleeding from your rectum especially after trying to or passing hard stool.


Constipation Natural Remedies

What you can do first if you suspect you are constipated:  1) you should drink more fluids

2)  Eating more high-fiber foods (eg papaya)

3) Exercise regular

Read along to know what relieves constipation. Look at the detailed constipation Natural Remedies for effective treatment and management of constipation:

What relieves constipation?

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for soluble fiber (please don’t eat fruits and vegetables at the same time or at same meal; eat from either of the group)- eat ripped papaya (paw-paw) banana, leeks, garlic, onions for quicker relief of constipation. make use of plenty of raw vegetables and fruits


  • Eat raw ginger or take ginger tea to increase peristalsis which pushes the faeces to the rectum


  • Take an after-meal-walk anytime you eat your meal; a short walk after meal usually not a fast walk, best to place hands behind as you walk-this will also help to check pace


  • Drink more water, about 2 glasses of warm water before breakfast and not less than 8-10 glasses of water every day


  • Exercise regularly, at least 20 -30 minutes of exercise for 3 – 4 times weakly. Nervousness, anxiety tension and stress are all relieved through exercise.


  • Physical activity is best: Gardening for 1-3 hours daily is the best form of exercise. If you are not disposed to any garden now, you should walk to tolerance daily (1/2-1 hour) breathing deeply as you walk and put up a straight posture with your head upward.
  • Be moderate with what you eat and try to maintain a regular pattern in all things: mealtimes, bedtime, etc. Have a set time for eliminations too; probably best upon arising or within one hour after a good breakfast.
  • Don’t wear fashions that a too tight on you, improper circulation affects or inhibit digestion of food.

What to avoid when having constipation

Here are some habits and substances to avoid when you are constipated or when you are prone to having constipation.  Make sure to avoid:

  •   Dairy foods; milk, cheese etc
  • Sodas or soft drinks (actually hard drinks)
  • White flour; highly proceed grains products and white bread
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Processed sugar

Immediate Constipation relief

To have an immediate constipation relief without the use of drugs you could do a number of things that help the situation. Though some of the most effective things to use are not usually available in most homes in this county, however, you could make pre-arrangement for some of theses little things. If you are prone to constipation or if you are constipated often (from time to time), you might want to get an enema can for quick constipation relief.[You may price one of these  Medisential Enema Kit at Amazon: this is an affiliate offer]

For an immediate constipation relief, drink about 2 glass of water and have a little exercise, after which you may massage the abdomen with Olive oil and squat for some minutes (For someone who may not able to exercise, you must give some worm water and then administer a thorough lower abdominal massage with olive oil)

If this continues, that is if the above directives does not relive your constipation, give enema.

We do not give retention enemas as the first line of treatment or help in enema cases.  However, enema is usually a quick constipation remedy.

What are the signs of constipation?

We have treated this concern under “symptoms of constipation”, however we will just mention them again:  1) difficulty passing stool 2) Abdominal bloating 3) Passing hard, dry or lumpy stools 4) Persistent abdominal pain 5) Continual strain to pass stool etc


How to relive Constipation in the Toilet

The query to relive constipation in the toilet borders on constipation emergency; you may wan to consult our approach on constipation relive on the sub-topic “immediate constipation relief

But if you mean what to do in other to assist yourself when passing those extra-hard lumpy or kernel-like stools, here is what could help. NOTE:  Never give a hard or sever push when your constipation is solid and so hard, you might injure yourself. Instead, take it gradually, and try to tighten (contract) your anus then relax it and tighten again then repeat as you find helpful in passing hard stools.

You can also help with your hand if you have latex gloves; use one and try to expand your anal surroundings as the stool pushes out gradually. You can do this with your bare hand and not touch anything, then wash properly after.

Constipation in pregnancy

Constipation in pregnancy could be caused by any of the factors already discussed earlier including a change in body hormones. Constipation should be prevented by the stated means above, because it can make the blood and circulatory system impure. The longer the faeces stay in the large intestine, the more fluid in the waste is reabsorbed into the system. This should be prevented especially by pregnant women.

Do the listed tips on “What relieves constipation?” to help the condition and follow strictly on the things and habits to avoid to prevent constipation in pregnancy

How can I relieve constipation quickly?

The quickest way to relive constipation is to prevent it. Constipation is the mother of many diseases and clouds the system with impurities; therefore anything that could aid constipation should be avoided.   We have treated constipation natural remedial agencies to aid and avoid constipation in the body of this work.

Now that you are already constipated what do you do?

You can start with drinking copious amount of water, followed by eating a ripped papaya then exercising your body.

If you have tried all these and more of the prescribed natural means then you might want to give enema.

What drinks help with constipation?

Most fresh fruit or vegetable juices will help but the best to be drunk when constipated is warm water. Fruits and vegetables are better eaten whale with there dietary or soluble fibers to help prevent constipation in the first instance.



Prevent constipation with these Constipation Natural Remedies as explained; Constipation the mother of many diseases. Apply these natural methods to reduce your constipation or the frequency of constipation. you can get one of these enema kits [Amazon affiliates]  for use. Godspeed.



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