Preserve your Health the way is still far

Health is wealth; don’t be frugal with your health


I have two questions for you right now.

The first question is: How healthy are you today? and

How strong do you think you will you be tomorrow?

I guess, for the second question, you probably affirmed in the positive only by depending on God- which is faith- and that’s cool. However, we don’t have to leave our health and  life  to probabilities; we have observed, proficient and confirmed ways to be definite on our health outcomes. probables

The Human Body is a strong and intricate system.

The human today is actually a very wonderful and efficient “machine,” designed and fearfully made to help itself keep fit in most situations. The system, normally, handles regular and emergency repairs and support of the entire system.

However, for the body system to do its work effectively, it would require a conscious and genuine effort by you, to support it while it does its best for your upkeep and fitness.

This support to the body system that we talk about is archived through the way you live your life or your habits, in other words, or your Lifestyle in general, the way you lives your life from day to day is the key. Emphatically, your lifestyle today will determine, in a greater degree, what the future holds for you in terms of strength, longevity, health and wellness.

Work,Rest,Eat,Exercise,drink water and trust God

What habits are right for the body?

For you to do the right things for your health and wellness, you must first know those things which are good and right for your body. How can one know everything that is good and right for health and wellness in a space of time? If you have similar question in mind, please don’t perspire in fear. We will use few paragraphs to introduce you to 8 simple natural lifestyle principles for health and wellness that you will always remember.

The Eight (8) Natural Doctors

These health principles, about eight (8) of them, has been proven to either promote health or encourage diseases, depending on how you interact and with these simple lifestyle principles. As a fact, studies have shown that diseases, especially lifestyle diseases, occur because of our major neglect of these simple healthy lifestyle principles.

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The eight laws of health: The principles includes

  1. What we eat. Our food or diet. The principle is detailed about your food, the nutritional value they contain and how to balance them. The usual make up of your day to day food? This principle also deals with food timing or schedule; when and how you eat the food you have, intended to show the best times for daily meals.

How do you prepare your food? Do you fry them, roast or eat sweet?  You must know what is right and apply it. Click to read more on Nutrition.


  1. Physical activities and exercises: Today, many of us find it difficult to do any physical work or exercise, which in turn does a lot of harm to the body. Some people even consider some works as quite debasing, if such work may cause them to break sweat, because we all, most times, want to be sleek and packaged all the time.  When this becomes our routine, it’s our body and health that suffer the ill effects of our inaction.  A sedentary or an inactive lifestyle is not proper for health,  we must create  quality time to exercise our body, at least twice a week


  1. Water– our body is composed of 75%> water, and for the body to function well it would require such adequate amount of water to have optimum performance for our well being:

Now if I may ask you, how much water do you drink in a day?  And what quality have you taken already today?

Again, how much sodas or soft drinks or even alcohol do you consume in a day- How much? -Bad habits run our health-meter (counter or gauge)  very fast, you have to remember this fact.

In fact, your day–to-day relation and interaction with these and other simple health laws will help your body to push diseases away, especially the lifestyle diseases. The proper use of Water is so vital for optimal heath.

 Some of the other principles of health include

  1. Proper exposure to the healing rays of the sun. (morning or evening time)
  2. Self control from unnecessary indulgence and immoderate lifestyle.
  3. Make sure to breathe of clean fresh air and to breathe properly too. Also, that you cover-up your body properly with good quality fabric, more so during cold whether, especially for the women.
  4. We must have proper rest each day
  5. Divine dependence:  we must learn to trust God for all that we may need and for all that we care to prevent in the future.

The Validity of the 8 Natural Lifestyle Principles

These simple natural laws have saved the life of  thousands of people who diligently observe them.

Now, if you evaluate your habits and find it to be less desirable and not commendable, yet you are young, fresh, and healthy today, please don’t be fooled by what you see and observe about yourself today. Nevertheless, I suggest you begin now to make that needed lifestyle adjusted for a better tomorrow.

To apply these principles is vital to health, because, as an established natural and scientific law has it that: every action must have a reaction equal or greater than it, and there are effects for every action and choice we take or make.

 Abuses of the human body taken for Granted

There are rewards for every wrong doing – so for every wrong action or choice that you make, the body goes an extra mile in work process, to correct the abuse and to reduce the immediate effect of such abuses. But in constant abuse- the system is speedily and eminently worm out. – The result is actually of a “planed emergency” labeled as lifestyle diseases.

You don’t need to be radical to archive the needed results

Before the evil days come, you have to correct the habits that should be corrected. Start now to implement these verified knowledge for better health, and to totally remove, from your food menu and schedules, every item or event that will not favor your health today. In fact, begin now not apply these principle- one principle at a time, you just have to start now not later.

So start now   to reshape your life and health status for now and the future: beforehand, to avoid any personal experience with debility or any of ever-increasing-rates of chronic disease.

You may be strong today but know that continues abuse of the human systems (the circulatory, digestive, respiratory etc) by disregards to these simple lifestyle principles will yield their due reward and repercussions, either now or latter- They are bound to manifest at a point in your existence.

It will be good to remind us that all known disease labeled “lifestyle diseases” are directly linked to bad or improper lifestyle habits such as we have mentioned here and in details at: colors and

Are we crying Wolf?

Discontinue bad Habits or Lifestyles

We are not saying that you must be sick or that you are about to get sick, but our emphasis is that you should change your lifestyle now, that is, if they are not proper for healthy living, because the effects of wrong habits are as forceful and real as the law of gravity.  In the “gravitational health -force”, if you throw your health up and away, all we intend to let you realize is that it MUST fall down- if not in a crash.

Therefore, that your lifestyle is wrong but you are still healthy and strong do not mean that such wrong habits are not affecting your system.

The diseases called “lifestyle diseases” usually begin to show-up very slowly , often times, in stages too. Some of these diseases show signs or symptoms at early stages, while others rarely do. However, when they finally manifest- with its pains and discomforts- it might completely change people’s interest and schedules. Usually, most lifestyle disease onset or discovery will fast-track the rate of many things in the life of the affected person.  We need you to try your best to avoid these lifestyle conditions that are becoming rampant the world over.

Stages of the Loan repayment

In  some cases, before 30 years- obesity (the mother of diseases) type 11 diabetes and stroke may manifest, and if persons with lifestyle abuse and  neglect, live longer than early 30’s, many other conditions may manifest which would make life either miserably long or painfully short.

It has been observed that from late 30s and beyond, other lifestyle condition usually begin to manifest such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, asthma, heart diseases, cancers, chronic liver diseases Alzheimer’s, depression, vascular dementia and lots of other undesirable health  conditions start to show up at a very high rate.

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The Solution to frugality with health

The solution to frugality with health is simple; apply these simple lifestyle principles- start now and today to correct the lifestyle defects, adjust these lifestyles today. You may pick any one or two health principles and commit to them, when you master them, add another principle to those. Consistency is the key and such can reverse most dreaded lifestyle conditions by so doing. – Save the future now- this is help already.


We cannot continue to borrow from jail to pay Jack. Correct that bad lifestyle that will hamper your health in the future today, by acquainting yourselves with the simple Natural Health Principles suggested here. These natural principles have saved the validity and life of many, so don’t neglect them.

The lifestyle principles are very simple to learn. So get to know how best to interact with natural phenomena for optimum health and wellness.

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Apply these simple things now or Jack will fall and Jill will still tumble sharply afterwards.

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