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Who is likely to contract these class of diseases?

The Google Query and Results: The search that drew my attention

The rate of Lifestyle diseases today are at an all-time high  and is affecting a lot of communities and people. Just yesterday I was researching the topic “Diseases of the age” on the Google search engine, just to know the various diseases that are prevalent today. I also tried, “diseases troubling the world” and “diseases troubling humanity today”. However,  I did not find the data I needed from the search results. Suddenly, a thought came, and I ‘googled’ “Causes of death”; guess what?

Top on the list of the causes of death were all diseases that are classified or referred to as Life-Style diseases. Others also call or refer to these groups of diseases as “Preventable Diseases” and for the purpose of this research; we will list them as “PREVENTABLE DEATHS”.

The Highest or leading causes of Death

who is at risk?

Among the first ten highest causes of death, only accident is not totally or directly linked to lifestyle habits. However, the greater percentage of accidents on land, air and sea, even at some homes and offices, such  hazards resulting from these busy spaces could be traceable to bad lifestyle habits and neglects.

If we consider the high rate of alcohol and nicotine consumption in the society today  with the skyrocketing level of stress and fatigue among workers, you would believe with me that a lot of accidents that occur could, actually, have been prevented, with proper lifestyles.

Consequently, of the high volume consumed, with the figures running into hundreds of million-liters of alcohol and hard drugs consumed in a year, you will agree with me that more than 60% of such stimulants were consumed by road users, sailors, workers and ‘influencers’ in our society today.

Some years ago it was documented that over  3.3milion deaths were attributed to alcohol consumption. This idea gave me much thought and concern.

With this in mind I ask this rhetorical question: Is it true that we can only do little to reduce accidents?

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Who is Responsible for Lifestyle Conditions/ Diseases?

Well, back to the topic, the reasons why people die, according to the research, is as a result of individual lifestyles and habits. That is, this happens because of how people choose and live their life from day-to-day- in activities, eating habits, thought lines or thought patterns, including their belief system. All these make up habits or lifestyle.

Conversely, it means that most people, knowingly or unknowingly, appear to have initiated or engineered their ailments and have thus “Fast forwarded” their death by themselves.

Who are we to blame or hold responsible for the lifestyle, choices that individuals make- individuals or the society? Who is responsible for this carnage today? Who are we to blame squarely?

No one else, I mean, nobody else is responsible for your health and life-only you is! (Thank goodness God is “Nobody” but God). However, the society also has a great role to play in this whole problem, if it must be solved.  {Note that genetic factors are negligible with proper lifestyle}

In other to shorten this issue, we will see the list of, at least, 10 causes of death according to their rates. Then, we have also listed the generic disease labeled “lifestyle” or “preventable disease” besides, so that you may do the evaluation and reconciliation yourself.


The Leading Cause of Death and the Implicated Lifestyle Diseases Today

Leading causes of Death Worldwide Lifestyle Diseases
Heart Disease Cardiovascular disease (Heart Disease)
Stroke Stroke
Lower respiratory infection Obesity 
Lung Cancer Cancer
Diabetes  Diabetes               
Alzheimer/ Dementia Diseases Arthritis 
Tuberculosis Chronic/ lever disease 


What did you find out?

Are you Surprise that heart diseases are on the top in the list? and that High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure are inclusive of heart diseases?

Well, those facts are not our major concern. Our concern is that all the diseases classified as Lifestyle disease or conditions that, not only be prevented, but also corrected and reversed, in most cases, are the highest killers of men, women and the youths of this age. What could be prevented now kills in numbers;-in millions. That is the shock!  This should not be so and that is our concern.

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Lifestyle Diseases are Stealth killers

Lifestyle diseases are stealth spies – at first when they are being encouraged by our unhealthy habits they do not show serious symptoms. Latter (over time) they turn to killers; at the end, ability or life is lost.

These diseases are progressive, most are imperceptible during developmental stages, so they acculturate your system and when they begin to strike their warfare is almost a fight-to-finish; so instantaneous  and precise are the attacks when they ever start.

Though most of these lifestyle diseases may present some signs and symptoms, and could be handled easily if dictated early enough. However, to prevent them is far better than cure: the efforts, discomforts, pain and the resources lavishly spent in the bid to seek for solution and life, are better saved and the condition id better not experienced.


The Lifestyle diseases as we know them, today and at anytime at all, are diseases that can be stopped before they come or show any symptom(s). They can be prevented. Therefore, every effort should be made by everyone to stop them before they appear.

People already affected with these diseases can effectively reclaim their lives. There is valid hope for those who are already affected with any of the diseases labeled “lifestyle diseases”.

Actually, there are reversal options and total cure procedures for various lifestyle conditions. Nevertheless, you have the choice to make in handling the condition. It’s just your call to make, though there is more information today about “how” and “what actually works” in cases of these conditions. Don’t lose hope there are many winners today.

Decide on the lifestyle adjustment you need to begin with, just one – one at a time – I suggest you start with Nutrition and move to Rest and exercise, then others- just one step after another; one day at a time.

Get started now!  Not tomorrow!

Apply these lifestyles habits today for a better tomorrow

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