malaria treatment With natural remedies


 Malaria Treatment with Natural Remedies


AIDS and Malaria and TB are national security issues. A Worldwide program to get a start on dealing with these
issues (diseases) would cost about 25 billion…” Jared Diamond

The projection of 25 billion dollars is not what is needed to eradicate malaria, but to only commence a world-wide eradication program. Since such huge fund is not fort-coming to save the day, individuals actually  needs to know what they have do to prevent and as well treat this serious infection.

Malaria is very prevalent and yet so serious, in any case, and nearly lethal in most case. To do nothing when infected by the parasite will mean to dare the devil.

The malaria parasite has been killing children and sapping the strength of whole populations for tens of thousands of years. It is impossible to calculate the harm malaria has caused the worldBill Gates

Summary of disease

The Sniper, the kilning bit
Malaria is usually a deadly infection and should be handled  with seriousness

Malaria is a life-threatening parasitic disease that is spread by the bite of infected Anopheles mosquitoes; Malaria can, though rarely, also be spread by infected blood transfusions and street drug stuffs.

Malaria is a dreadfully serious infectious disease found in warm or tropical countries. It is an infection of the red blood cells that is spread by mosquitoes.


Brief Malaria Statistics

More than 2 billion people live in countries where there is malaria, especially in Africa and Asia, and other hot places were the hygiene and the economy is very poor.

Every year, about 300–500 million people get sick from malaria in the world and over 2 million die as a result of malaria infection.

In Africa, for example,  statistics show that for every 30 seconds a child under the age of 5 years dies from malaria infection. The mortality  rate of malaria is really high and should be prevented by all healthful means.

Malaria also takes a toll on families economically. For instance,  in families where the  bread winner is unable to work as a result of malaria infection, the finances of the family will be affected. Also the high medical bills to be paid in the treatment of malaria, and in the lost productive hours: all these and more are serious economic setback to those families and countries affected by malaria prevalence.

NOTE: Malaria has no vaccine. Because there is no vaccine for malaria we need to know a little more about this disease, so that we may prevent it and or treat it when necessary and with the much effective day-to day healthy habits.

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Causes of Malaria

  What causes Malaria?  Malaria is caused by a parasite of different kinds generally referred to as malaria parasite.

These parasites are so small they can’t be seen without special machines called microscope.  There are four kinds of malaria germs. The one called Plasmodium falciparum (pronounced fal-sip- arum) is the most deadly of malaria parasites.

The other three parasites can make a person very sick but they usually don’t kill.  Mosquitoes spread malaria from one person to another. It takes a cycle effect in the spread.


The Cycle of Malaria Infection in Human

Malaria cycle
Malaria cycle

This is how it happens:

When a mosquito bites a person, especially the female anopheles, (P1) who has malaria, it sucks a bit of blood with the malaria germs in it.  When the mosquito bites another person (P2), a few malaria germs move into that person’s blood.

At first, the person does not feel sick because there are only a few malaria germs in the blood. These germs, however, grow and multiply. After a few days, it begins to make the person sick, then very sick.  The process is repeated over and again provided there are infected persons in a locality and female Anopheles mosquito’s around the neighborhood.


     Incubation period for malaria, from the mosquito bite to the first observable symptom(s) can range from 10 days to a year (dependent on level of infection and also the lifestyle disposition of the person)

When someone is infected there may be one or a combination of these feelings;

  • Fever and Chills: this is the foremost sign and symptom of malaria. Most people with malaria have fever and chills (The fever and chills can come and go every one to two days but it can also stay all the time).
  • Headache
  • Tiredness or weakness
  • may even have a slight cough
  •  Lack of appetite. patient do not feel like eating most times (No appetite)
  • Stomach Pain– in the stomach, in the beginning, this disease may look like the bad flu (there may also be severe upper abdominal ache)
  • Nausea
  • vomiting,
  • Jaundice
  • Liver function abnormalities, enlargement of the liver or spleen
  • collapse of arteries and veins
  • Anemia
  • Malaise (just don’t feel good)
  • Sore throat
  • Photo phobia: Eyes become very sensitive to light.
  • convulsions,
  • Coma in sever stages and possibly death.

   Malaria  Disease gets worse;

  1. i) The urine will turn dark (Dark urine)
  2. ii) And the person may become pale (Pale skin) this is because malaria germs destroy the red blood cells. These are “danger signs” and the person, with these signs and more,  needs medical treatment urgently.

Plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest malaria parasite, can also affect the brain.  This is very dangerous, as the mortality rate is high. Persons infected by this parasite may become confused, agitated or very drowsy.

When such signs are present, immediate medical attention should be given. The best way to prevent this, beside the prevention of mosquito bites, is to treat malaria early and be sure that there is improvement with the choice of treatment. However, to treat malaria with natural remedies is the better way to go: it is thorough  and effective but don’t wait before it get bad to commence treatment with natural, take routing treatments or nib it as soon as you observe the slightest signs of it.

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Expectant women who get sick with malaria should be treated immediately. The future mother can get very sick from the disease if neglected or treated carelessly; it is a serious case that some time the baby may be born before the time or even cause still birth.

Do not delay going to visit healthcare centers if you are pregnant and think you might have malaria. However, if you are not to use natural remedies to cure your malaria while pregnant, ask or make sure that the medical personnel you meet are conscious of the drugs they prescribe for you so that it will  not be such that can  affect your pregnancy status or your baby.


Children cannot tell us how they feel; however, these are signs to look out for when we suspect malaria in them;

  • They usually have fever
  • They may vomit,
  • They may stop eating (sucking or drinking)
  • May be very sleepy
  • Or even cry a lot.

We might have noticed, from the list above, that the symptoms of malaria could look like so many other common diseases.

If the child lives in or has recently visited an area where there is malaria, he or she should be taken for medical care as soon as possible before the symptoms begins to show or present.

Malaria in children should not be taken slightly or without proper attention; it’s always a serious disease, especially in children, and should be handled as such.  Therefore, when natural remedies are used for the treatment of malaria, you must follow all the procedures thoroughly till the sickness is cured.


Drug resistance is a very big problem in the cure of most diseases. A big problem exists with most, orthodox therapies for malaria; in many countries, the medicines that were very good in the treatment of malaria, are now, not so good anymore. This is what is described as resistance: when the parasite ( in this case, malaria ) becomes resistant( defiant or not responding) to a given drug, that such drug(s) no longer cures or heals the condition.

When this happens or is observed in a patient, regular health worker normally will give a stronger drug and dosage that may also affect the body adversely. However, using the natural means has proven to be thorough and efficient without any harmful side effect.

We will consider “How to treat malaria with natural remedies’ next step  in this article.

However, because malaria is a very serious disease with a high mortality rate and it is becoming more difficult to treat; the best thing is to prevent it.


  • The very first step is to Kill the mosquitoes. They carry the malaria germs or parasites.
  • Avoid Mosquito bite with the use of the bed net and proper covering.
  • Treat infected people promptly. Treat people with malaria quickly so that they may not spread the disease to others, especially where mosquitoes exist.
  • Take or use remedies that may protect you against malaria.
  • Destroy all habitats for mosquito breeding around your home or office. Mosquitoes breed in logged water. They can multiply and grow even in small amounts of water; like small ponds or any object that can trap and retain water such as old tires, empty tins, and open drains/gutters.
  • Avoid going out in the evening and if you must do so try to wear gears that protect your body such as long sleeves shirts and long pants.
  • Sleep under a mosquito net. This is very important. Mosquito nets can be bought almost anywhere where malaria is prevalent. Some mosquito nets are treated with a chemical that also kills mosquitoes, some of which are equally harmful to the lungs and eyes.
  • Insect repellents for the skin may keep mosquitoes away. You may use some insect repellents when visiting some mosquito-compromised areas, but don’t use so often.  You can shop for some repellents at one good repellent is the Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max Formula  another is the Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion, 34% Deet, Up to 12 Hours of Protection.( you might also check for the Zapper Light Bulb the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.  The BLACK+DECKER Bug  and lot more repellents for the family to stay protected) [links are all Amazon Affiliate offers]



  • Nutrition– always use less sugar and fats in your recipes or diet
  • Drink 8-10 cups of water daily
  • Increased the level of regular physical exercise, useful work and have sufficient sleep daily
  • Seek to lower stress level, chilling or cold(rain, etc.), overwork, and avoid all harmful habits and
    Fresh garlic

    substances (alcohol, cigarette, tobacco etc.)

  • Make use of fresh Garlic regularly ( get fresh garlic from amazon )
  • Papaya seeds (I heaping tsp. chewed well per week) or papaya leaf tea taken twice weekly
  • Overall, seek to keep your immune system strong with natural ( you can read here:) immune builders


You may want to get some vital signs equipment for yourself : Oral  thermometers, sphygnomanometer  ( Omron is among the best BP equipment but are almost usually scarce on You might try your hands now to see what is available)  and, some inexpensive glucometers. Check your local store or browse the amazon shelve [Amazon affiliate links])



Natural remedies for malaria treatment are available but the procedures may require concerted effort, by you or your care giver, in other to archive a perfect result.

‘Prevention is better than’ treatment’, the old and wise saying we know has it. Use the NEW START simple health principles to ward off malaria, with treated mosquito nets to ward off pathogen carrying mosquitoes.

Use Hydrotherapy- Hot and Cold (contrast) bath.

Give lots of fruit and vegetable juices, and limit the use or serving of cooked food for some -48-72 hours, or more where the malaria is sever or  is  complicated.

In severe cases of malaria where the patient is weak and anemic visit a professional

The signs may include: pain at the heart and spleen regions, severe weakness and fainting etc


Treatment  for Malaria with the Natural Remedies;

First make sure you are properly re-hydrated. Drink adequate amount of water, it could be warm or at room temperature.

  • Start with teas and juices as stipulated bellow.

Use Hydrotherapy- Hot and Cold (contrast) bath. ( use big bowels or buckets or shop for equipment at

During fever give cold application and give lots of vegetable juice.

During chills, give hot application and fruit juice.

Teas for Malaria

Golden seal tea should be taken twice a day.

Brown tea (infused dried paw-paw leaves) should be taken first in the mourning.

“Drink hot ginger + lemon  tea to break high fever,” Dr Vance feral.

“Never give aspirin to children. It can trigger Rey’s Syndrome, a potentially fatal neurological illness.” Natural Remedy Encyclopedia, Dr. Vance Ferrell.

Drink teas to help fight fevers in malaria attack.

Fever fighting natural remedies include: Ginger, garlic, golden seal and Echinacea.

Green Paw-paw leave= ground or pounded then filter, or juiced with juicer then diluted in water. 1-2 leaves (or three for adults)

Natural Regimen for Malaria

First thing to do when you wake in the morning is to drink a glass of water.

*At about 5:30 am. Drink Tea= Ginger/lemon tea or the brawn tea

*By 6:30 am drink  a cup of Golden seal tea. ( with some more water)

*8: 00 am. Eat natural.  Eat food, but more of fresh vegetables.

*After your meal(breakfast),  allow at least one hour, then administer Fomentation or contrast bath- depending  on severity or convenience.

*You may continue to take either of the teas and much water.

*4: 20 pm. administer hydrotherapy treatment

*Before or by 5:00 pm. Take juice of fresh paw-paw leaves  or fresh neem (or akom shrub)

*Eat your food Before 6:00pm

*Drink a cup of activated charcoal , 2 table spoons in a cup, last thing before bedtime. ( activated carbon could be sourced from Amazon )

*Repeat treatment for 3 to 4 days till symptoms disappear.

cooked food may be introduced  the first day or when  you are more stable

  • Continue all treatments until 3 days after all symptoms have disappeared (for a complete elimination of the parasite in the system) you may discontinue with hydro-therapies and sole-raw foods but take your teas and juices.

Give time for your body to recover before returning to a full workload.

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