THE NEW START: New Start Health Principles for Health and Fitness

the new statr health principle
New Start with Nature

The first wealth” as said by Ralph Waldo Emersonis health


    The NEW START health principles are Basic Natural Principles or laws for Health, wellness and Healing. Hence, the New Start lifestyle program is all about 8, yes! 8 simple natural ways to maintain health, reverse conditions  and sustain life. Succinctly, the NEW START lifestyle program is geared towards the sustenance of health and abundance life, hence wealth in turn.

The proper observance and right application of these health principles, here introduced; have been proven, through rigorous scientific observations and testing, to be vital and effective  in the control of various lifestyle diseases that are killing people today.- from Cancers, cardiovascular diseases ( hearth diseases) Diabetes, to Intestinal and  skeletal disorders  are prevented, managed and even reversed with these simple lifestyle principles.Beautiful surroundings

Health”, as said, “is wealth”- not cash though. However, there is no unit of financial value enough to be placed upon good health. A healthy body can bear the more with ‘stressors’ and pressures than a weak, frail and sickly body could handle. However we may want to look at it, the fact is that -once there is health – wealth could be made, as nothing will hinder your desires to work, earn and make a decent living.


More so, if health is preserved, you will not spend your hard earned money on hospital bill and over the pharmaceutical counter (pay-desk) for drugs.

Good health is life lived at your full potentials both– physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.” The written word of God; the Bible “, calls this the ‘abundant’ life1

What are these  health principles and where are they  drawn from?

Let’s cite a little from the bible- In   John 10:10, we see that it is the enemy of God and man (Satan) that does us bad in every aspect of our existence, however, the principles we are to discourse here are principles that help prevent and heal health conditions. In essence,   Heaven, does more than wish us good health, He proffered solution to man’s health conditions. – 3 John 2

The proffered solutions have been proven, over and again, to be very efficient in preventing diseases and preserving good health. “To help you experience this abundant life, God – the creator -has given some simple, easy-to-follow steps to better health.”

While we, as humans, cannot ‘control’ all the things that cause disease and fatal accidents, we can and should make choices that reduce our individual risks or dispositions to diseases and also  promote optimum health.



Beautiful surrounding By way of summary or brief introduction, there are eight simple Health Principles or 8 Natural steps to better your health. You can even begin to put these 8 principles into practice today. They are all natural available occurrences. 8 natural things that  are equally free of charge. These steps or principles are health laws arranged into the acronym- known as the NEW START.   this acronym was developed by Ucheepines, one of the leading lifestyle centers in the United States of America.

Meaning of the NEW START acronym.

 Basic Natural Principles for Health and Healing.

(You may want to read more about any specific principle by clinking on the individual link below)

N = is for Nutrition– this includes all that we put into our mouth for  food to supply our body’s nutrient needs.
E = is for Exercise– work, walk etc. This just means activity intended to kick us out of dormancy.
W = is for Water– the essential liquid, good for all. Drink no less than 5 cups of water daily.
 = is for Sunshine– the needed sunshine for strength and vigor
T  = is for Temperance or balance/moderation– all about intelligent caution about our habits and deeds
A  = is for Air– the life sustaining gift from God himself

R = is for Rest– to stop and refresh; to preserve and elongate life.
T = is for Trust in Divine power–: that power we ought to trust is of God; the creator of all the other 7 healing substances, that when relied upon, make each singular element efficient and effective.

What benefits are the  NEW START LIFESTYLE PROGRAMS?

The Lifestyle programs can help revers:

  • Diabetes  (types I & II)
  • Hearth Diseases (High B.P, Low B.P, Heart attacks etc)
  • Cancer– breast, prostate, colon,brain, liver, skin, cervical etc
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity– natural weigh control program
  • Kidney diseases
  • Pulmonary issues
  • Liver conditions
  • Enhance trivialities of our beings
  • Lower blood cholesterol
  • Increase Energy 
  • Renew Immune system functions
  • and to overcome Depression  and etc


These eight (8) simple principles, to a new life experience, calls for work, energy, commitment, consistency and time, to be able to archive the desired intent. However, the reword is always astounding and worth all the efforts. There is nothing next to the use of natural remedies  in efficiency and thoroughness in the disposition or cure of various diseases.

Preventive Health
simple Health principles

The NEW START principles are 8  easy and simple natural steps to  achieve optimum health.  The steps may appear very simple, because of the constitutions of items and the simple methods of their application; nevertheless, they are powerful in the observed and felt outcome, added to the numerous scientific studies and findings that bill  perfect Lifestyle adjustments best way to combat all lifestyle diseases.
With these simple remedies, using the NEW START health principles, you will be able to prevent both sickness(such as: diabetes, various cancers, heart diseases, respiratory disease), and also  enrich your life and drastically decrease or cut, completely, your medical expenses to minimum.

“its never too early or too late to work towards becoming the healthiest you”

How Long does it take to get well the with Natural Remedies?

It is important to remember this important fact: that “disease NEVER comes without a cause”. So if the cause is detected , deleted or removed, early enough, the disease may go away without additional therapy/treatment. But some conditions will need you to employ nature’s healing properties to assist the body’s reconstruction/healing mechanisms to remove the occurring effect of the ill habit you have just corrected. With Lifestyle change/adjustment,  it is of no effect to continue with old and wrong habits that abuse the body system and yet want natural remedies to cure the condition or ailment. such practice will not help. You will have to remove or correct the ill habit(s) first before the application of these .

You may need to apply a combination of these health principles as therapy for the reversal of High blood pressure, Low B.P, any cancer condition, Diabetes or mental health conditions. however, for a fast and thorough recovery , you have to maintain all the laws and continue doing them.

The earlier you make the need adjustments, the faster the natural intervening process. Many who make this  lifestyle adjustments observe positive changes in days,  many usually  notice a drastic healing effects between 18 to 25 days of consistent application of the principle.

Other Approaches to the NEW START Natural Principles of Health and Healing

There are some other preventive Health authorities that have come up with other acronyms for the same simple lifestyle  principles for health and healing. One of such is “CREATION.” The acronym-“CREATION”– is  projected by Dr. Des Cummings, Jr, and Monica Reeds, MD, the specific details of CREATION is contained in their book; “Creation Health Discovery”[ see book on Amazon, affiliate offer] which imply as follows:

The meaning of CREATION

C-CHOICE– Every day you have to choose to improve your health & happiness.
R-REST– Rest is precious! You should choose to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily.
E-ENVIRONMENT–I choose to surround myself with peaceful light, sound, aroma, and touch.
A-ACTIVITY– Exercising my brain is equally important as exercising my body.
T-TRUST– I willfully believe that God will protect and nourish me.
I-INTERPERSONAL– Family and friends –not work- will be an everyday priority.
O-OUTLOOK– I chose to have a positive and happy perspective.
N-NUTRITION– I will eat the original fast foods;- fruits and vegetables.

A very important fact to note in “CREATION” is the first principle; which is “CHOICE.” This will mean that your health will, for the most part, depend on you: your desires (choices), efforts, and your consistency in the application and observance of the natural health principles.

Another Acronyms for these simple health principles: “TEN TALENTS”

The  Acronyms, as seen in the book: “Ten Talents”, by Rosalie Hurd, B.S., Frank J Hurd, M.D, Includes;(TEN TALENTS represents)

TTrust in divine power– State of mind/positive emotions, you must make sure to have this
EExercise– Nature
NNutrition– Law and principle

TTemperance– Law and principle/ intelligent caution
AAir– Nature
LLight– Nature
SSunshine– Nature
EEnergizing water- Nature
NNightly Rest– Law and principle
TThankfulness– State of mind
SService– State of mind and activity

by the way, the “TEN TALENTS“, by Rosalie Hurd, B.S., Frank J Hurd, M.D-  is the best healthy and balanced vegetarian cook book that we know anywhere. its paged-up with clean images and wonderful creative veterinarian recipes written in a very practical format.(this is an affiliate link[see price of the Ten Talents cookbook on Amazon])

Now, if you observe closely, all the principles are revolving around nature and its force, and our individual mental condition or philosophy to life,(not the philosophy of life) which, when shaped and influenced by the words and thoughts of God;-that same God that should be “TRUST”-ed, when we trust in God ever always- our attitudes and outlooks in life will always remain positive which is prime in preventive and as   well as corrective health, sustenance and care.

Therefor, you have to pay close attention to understand the principles that should influence, regulate and guide your interactions with these natural things in other to tap from them- the vital forces to withstand various disease conditions.


The NEW START Principles

Health Meals
Healthy meals

Nutrition is the first and a very vital point to consider in the NEW START health principle. As a mater of fact, the prevention , reversal, and cure of all lifestyle diseases revolves around what we eat and how we eat them.

Nutrition” according to the WHO “is the intake of food, considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs”. “Good nutrition” they added “- an adequate, well-balanced diet combined with regular physical activity- is a cornerstone of good health”. – World health organization

The NEW START is all about learning and daily implementing the simple, but vital, natural principle ways for healthy living.
For emphasis: Dr. Des Cummings, Jr and Monica Reeds, MD – in their book ‘Creation Health Discovery’ presented the very first principle of health as “CHOICE”. Yes! Choice: you must decide, choose and to ‘‘committedly’’ work towards your goal- which is health, restoration, and vigor, and most probable: LIFE.

Your willpower is fundamental to the proper implementation of these life-changing health principles.
There is “… a special healing relationship between people and nature”3. By way of explanation, the quote means that; we, as humans, do a lot more  better when our body is aided by nature.


  • You must pay close and a very particular attention to anything that affects your health, at home, office or anywhere else.
  • You have to be more informed and cautious about what you put into your body as food.

On Nutrition;

  • Do not have too much variety of foods at a meal; three or four dishes are a plenty. At the next meal, you can have a change
    • Grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are to be found all the food elements that we need.
  • Animal proteins are usually very  high for the system and are considered serious fertilizers for many forms of cancers in the body : Protein is very important for a lot of things in the body- no doubt! It  is really needed in the body and you can actually source that from plans based diet; which is, by far, the best  source of protein for the body. Try these natural  protein drinks that are becoming very popular and helpful- your Choice:  One Vega or All- in- one shake

Nutrition is very vital, if not a major key,  in the NEW START Lifestyle program.  in fact, Nutrition or simply put: our food and the mode of eating- is pivotal in the prevention, reversal and cure of all lifestyle disease conditions ranging from cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc.  its usually Nutrition, Trust , and a combination of other 6 natural principle that does the magic.

Many of our readers usually  come to understand the need to adopt a meatless diet, but they often do not know how to prepare tasty vegetarian meals at home. if you are one of such persons You need not to worry anymore. There are healthy meal plans in most places today, and we will eventually recommend a few to you . However, we usually recommend a copy of the TEN TALENT vegetarian cook book for easy assistance.


There are more simple things to learn as we explore these simple, free of expense; principles projected for the purpose of archiving health and  elongate our life and existence. Be sure to practice what you understand is best for your health, because there will always be a reward for every action, the scientist will say; for every force there is an equal and opposing force— in preventive medicine, you do not need any opposing force, not to talk of an equal to it.
Comply with these simple principles and remain fit for life.

The NEW START lifestyle program is based on eight (8) simple natural health principles that are simple day-to-day occurrence and opportunities which we overlook, but are very vital and too important for the actualization of our desire for optimum health. Being an acronym (made up from the first letter of each principles) of simple rules to health and life, each letter/item in the NEW START carries its effects in the maintenance of life, the body’s resistance to diseases and the promotion of health in the abundant sense of it.

Choose today to be healthy and do your part in fulfilling the simple requirements.  Enjoy your life lived at its peak.

1 Glow with health.
2 World health organization website:
3  28 Creation Health Discovery


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