Sickness is no body's friend

Passive Acceptance: How not to befriend an enemy unwittingly

Illness, sickness or diseases are Nobody’s friend: We human beings like ease and comfort a lot; in fact we crave peace and comfort very much. Consequently, anything we do not desire or appreciate and such things keeps coming our way, or keep happening to us;- be it conditions, or human interaction,– such repeated concerns  could be very frustrating as it could also be a menace to us. What we do not like we tend to hate and avoid- and that is MAN- that is human beings for you.

For instance, nobody in a right frame of mind would like or wants to get sick intentionally; no matter the ease, liberty, freedom or care or leisure that patience often receive in periods of sickness and convalescing.

No one Likes Sickness

For the pain and weakness of the mind and body – sickness and invalidity is not a choice for anyone. Nobody likes falling sick and no one falls sick for pleasure.

This is so true about the illness of the body as well as the sickness of the mind, even the way people generally feel about being sick, is a no brainer

We don’t want sickness for whatsoever reason. However, some of the actions we take knowingly or otherwise, or our inactions- may pose direct and serious threat to our health and life, thereby encouraging sickness in our body.

This may happen consciously or unconsciously-it is our lifestyles that seem to, dramatically, set the balls rolling and in most cases the ‘déjà vu’ is confirmed, and what we dislike keeps showing up! More often than not, we become pissed-off with reoccurring health conditions we assume we cannot change. Some of us even blame nature and our individual kinds for repeated and continues health conditions- but it’s not anyone’s fault that such ‘COULD’ happen, but it could be our fault that “It” finally happens.

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Non Negligible results of various Negligence

Sickness, ill-health, invalidity and preventable deaths are among the many occurrences that exerts undue pressure on almost every individual and the family. In most cases, the occurrence or presence of illness always carry a level of hurt and an unpleasant aura of social-mental effect on the entire human family.

No wonder, people tend to do a lot of illogical and unexplainable things when they are sick, or for their loved ones that are sick and in sever pains.
In some case of sickness, many persons and families are usually ready and they often spend fortune to acquire treatment and cure, so that they or their loved ones will receive adequate attention and care, Thereby reliving or to extricate them from the threshold of body pain and sufferings.

 Nobody’s Friend !

“Disease, illness or call it sickness
is no one’s friend, and no one wants it.
yet in all our day-to-day choices all we
do (by our uninformed habits) makes it
come over again”

Sickness is Nobody’s Friend

For the lack in comfort
For the pain and groaning
For the loss of cash in care,
For the loss of wealth in docility,
For the loss of strength to atrophy,
For the wear on family and friends,
And for the lack of absolute happiness.

For the extrication from the society that need us,
For our inability to savor life as we please,
For limited opportunity to change the world,
And for the many thoughts; had and hide from others.

Sickness is  our enemy and not friend
and We do not like the conditions that cause us pain.

Sickness,  usually and normally, is not our take. it’s nobody’s friend.

Though Sickness may come

Though we might have health challenges for some times and from time to time too, all because our world is still imperfect, therefore we must be determined and conscious of our actions and choices so that we do not attract what we do not want to ourselves, all by ourselves.

Though we all have blissful desires and dreams for health, long life and vibrancy, however, desires and dreams without effort do not yield results, because most often, our choices are not consistent and are not always the right ones.
Again, while we have the best dreams and desire for ourselves, our health status is actually the reward for our previous and maintained habits: actions and lifestyle in general. It is not our intent, visions and dreams that affect our healthy, it is what we do.

Therefore, best desires (dreams) plus (+) wrong choices (habits) is equal to invalidity or sickness, and in some cases, an “exit”.

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An Assurance for Everyone

The good news we bring to you is that most of the life-threatening conditions could be prevented or averted. They could also be corrected; and in most cases-have the effects of wrong habits reversed; if appropriate steps are taken and on time too. All these are possible with simple lifestyle adjustments and simple natural remedy administration.

How simple are Simple Natural Remedies?

In the use of the term simple remedies, it’s not the knowledge of what to do, in terms of knowing the indications, or what natural remedy to use and the dosage to administer – those are not simple acts and science. Instead, it is the provisions naturally available that is simple. We observe that where such remedies are naturally available they are always common or cheap – yet very effective.

Sickness is not our friend:

We do not drive sickness away by strong will and resistance but by complying with known health principles that aid the body prevent and overcome sickness.

simple Health principles

Some of these natural health principles include:

1. The judicious use of water.
2. Proper eating habit and food makeup (composition )
3. Physical activity and productivity.
4. Positive mindset – prime to this is prayer and a firm believe system.
5. Have the stipulated hours of rest.             7-8 hours a day
6. Make sure your air is pure and not polluted by any unhealthy substances- fumes and chemical.
7. Don’t neglect the health benefits of sunshine.
8. Leave drugs, caffeine, alcohol, animal products etc. Be temperate, and have a strong belief system.

Just do this simples things and continues with them and we assure you that sickness will be very far from you, it may pay a visit but it wouldn’t rent your body.


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