WATER: The Use of Water for Healthy Benefits

use of water for health benefits and healing



In our local parlance, my people would say that: “O dighi ihe eshiwere hara mmri” – the direct translation is that nothing could be cooked without water. But in essence, the meaning is that water is indispensable to (with) man’s existence.

Again, the greatest Afro-beat musician, with a lot of aboriginal swagger and originality from Yoruba land, sang, in one of his songs, that water has no enemy. Actually, it does not. Water should be not be an enemy to any human being. Because, if you discard of the use of clean water, you automatically make yourself, not only susceptible to sickness your body become a dean of sickness and disease.

Water (pure and clean in every sense of it) is the 3rd, of the eight (8), laws or principles of health and healing. The proper implementation of these principles of health and healing, as expressed in the NEW START acronym, will not only add health to your years, but maximum physical efficiency to your human existence.


Can you imagine trying to wash a whole sink full of dirty dishes with only one cup of water? Would the dishes be very clean? I do not think it would do a good work, not to talk of a perfect job.
In a similar way, when we don’t drink enough water it causes the body to eliminate wastes in a much more concentrated form and with great difficulty. This often causes body odor, bad breath, and unpleasant-smelling urine.

Resent surveys has shown that most people fall short of drinking adequate water.
It is very important for us to note succinctly that “Water is essential for life”. Thirst is not a guide for drinking water .Many people use thirst as a guide to know when to drink water or how much they should take of it, but thirst is actually the body’s first sign of dehydration.- we all lose water each day through urine, feces, sweat, and evaporation from our lungs. So adults need to drink adequate amount of water daily; about six to eight glasses of water every day- and even more in hot weather or during physical exercise.

Juices and soft drinks (sodas) can never replace simple clean drinking water. Today soft drinks have become the main beverage of both young people and adults alike. The average teenager downs two to three cans a day, and some as many as six or seven, according to reports.

On the other hand, many adults drink more beer than water. In addition, plenty of tea, coffee, and other beverages are consumed. But all this liquids are not water and do not and cannot replace the use and need of drinking adequate water.

Remember that coffee, soda (that is soft drinks) and alcohols are no substitutes for drinking water. Though they contain some volume of water, they are very detrimental to health.

Facts on Water: Why is water so important?

Our bodies are just as dependent upon water as a water-cooled car depends on its radiator for efficiency and to prevent wears and tears and some damage.
Many people are surprised to learn just how much water the human body actually contains

• The human body is composed of about 70% water; and our brains are about 85% water by weight

• Our kidneys process more than 47 gallons (178 liters) of water per day

• The body loses about 8 to 14 cups of water a day in various efforts to remove body wastes, through the skin, lungs, urine, and faeces. With this large amount of water leaving our bodies each day, it becomes obvious that we should replenish it. If we don’t, we run the risk of becoming dehydrated.

• Drink enough to keep the urine pale

• You should drink about 7 to 11 cups of water per day (or about one ounce for every kilogram we weigh), depending on the weather condition and job disposition. However, you may need more water if the work for the day is physically exerting and such that cause profuse sweating.



Direct Importance of water

=Water is needed for every function of human life including: Respiration, Digestion, saliva production and tears. Temperature control, Flexibility (of muscles, tendons, cartilage, and bones) all require copious amount of water to be produced and to function well.

1. The main sources of water for the body are: Drinking water and other liquids, and food, especially in the form of fruits and vegetables.

2. Other sources not recommended: While most diet beverages don’t contain sugar or calories, they do present other concerns. Virtually all beverages sugared or not, contain chemicals that are either added for color, flavor, preservation, or other reasons. Some of these may also irritate the delicate stomach linings, and some may also burden the liver and kidneys to detoxify and have them removed from the system.

The Simple nature of water= Water has no calories to increase the load of digestion on the system or to add unwanted fat. It has no irritants to stress the sensitive linings of the digestive tract; water is readily available and cheap too!


An adequate supply of water in the body:
• Reduces risk of heart disease
• Reduces fatigue
• Removes impurities from the body
• Improves mental alertness
• Water also cleans our blood from all the waste
• Water makes our brains work;
• It makes the mouth and the eyes wet
• It allows the blood to move in our veins.
• It takes the dirty part of the blood to the kidneys and washes it out.


Easy ways to ensure an adequate water supply to your body, and how to apply a balance to the use of ingested water, are:
• Start your day with 2 glasses of water
Avoid drinking with your meals; Wait for an hour to two hours after a meal before drinking.
• Take a glass of water every hour after your meal
• Drink 8-10 glasses daily (or according to your weight)
• Avoid soft drinks, coffee, and tea
• Carry your water with you

Recommended daily water intake

Some say your weight ÷ by7equal to the number of glasses of water you should drink daily. For instance, I weigh about 82 kg, which will mean: 82kg ÷ 7= 11.7. So I should drink approximately12 glasses of water daily. What is your own summation?

To drink adequately, make sure to carry a supply of drinking water with you. The sight of your personal water container, by your side, will constantly remind you to drink of it; the refreshing and revitalizing substance.

In fact, keep a glass or bottle handy at your work location/station, in your kitchen and bathroom (of cures you should make your bathroom hygienic), and wherever else you regularly spend time.
Make Provision for Clean Water

If your water is not safe, boil all the water you drink. You only need to boil water for 10 minutes to kill the germs that spread disease.

If you don’t have enough money for gas, paraffin oil (kerosene) or wood to make a fire, then you can make use of the powerful rays of the sun to purify your water.

Signs of Dehydration

Possible signs of dehydration include:
Dry skin

These are possible signs of dehydration in the body and you should not wait to feel such to drink freely of your water. And in most cases, when you have any of these symptoms, a copious amount of water may be all that you really need.


Shower daily with cool, tepid or warm water depending on the weather condition and of your location.
Many years ago, there was an outbreak of a deadly disease known as “the Black death”-and it maimed the world from AD 1346 to 1353; for about 7 whole years. The pandemics killed over 60 million people in Europe. It was a disastrous mortally devastating pandemic that was later attributed, largely, to poor personal and public hygiene. The use of water in cleaning the body and environment is very vital to good health.

HOT AND COLD SHOWER (alternate bath)

The use of both hot and cold water, in turns, is one of the effective hydro-therapy treatment procedures, and the effects to the body are that Alternate bath:

• Stimulates circulation
• Relaxes bronchioles in asthma patients
• Strengthens the immune system
• Good treatment for cold and flu
• Is invigorating

The usefulness and importance of water for your health cannot be exhausted now, but make sure to do the much that have been stipulated here

The New Start lifestyle program is based on eight (8) simple principles. The health laws or principle are simple day-to-day occurrence and opportunities which we overlook but are key to our desire for optimum health. Water is a prime factor to our general existence. The Igbo people would say, as stared earlier: “Odighi ihe eshi were hapu mmiri” – nothing is boiled or could be boiled without the use of water. From our foods to our drinks and the use of the revitalizing substance itself: water. In fact, nothing is worth ingesting into the body that is water shy.

Use the clean water sufficiently for the optimization of your health, usefulness, and life.
Next time you are asked, “Anything to drink?” you can say, “Yes, a glass of water will be fine; after all, it’s the perfect drink.”


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