SUNSHINE: How to prevent Diseases by Exposure to the Sun-light

Sunlight for health and healing


In The order of the NEW START health principles, Sunshine is the 4th of the eight (8) laws or principles of health and healing. The NEW START is an acronym of simple health principle- (click here to read more on the NEW START)the proper implementation of these NEW START health and healing principles will, not only add healthy life to your years, it will also add maximum efficiency and usefulness to your existence.

Prevent Diseases by Exposure


These are lots of benefits of Sunshine for the good of man and nature, you should know, of course, that the list is not exhaustive of all the wonderful functions of the sun.


  • Produces Vitamin D. The early rays of the sun helps the body, through the skin, to produce vitamin D ( A shortage or the  insufficiency of vitamin D leads to rickets; a disorder which make children’s bones to become soft and weak)
  •  Red blood cells function better after exposure to the sunlight
  • Helps normalize blood pressure (a simple way to explain what happens is that the sun thermal energy thins the blood or makes it less viscous or sticky and easy to flow through the blood vessels)
  • Sunshine helps alleviate pain, especially, from swollen arthritic joints and even relieves some symptoms of PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome)
  • Exposure to the sun, within the “green periods “improves the quality of sleep at night (The body carefully regulates the production of melatonin. The process is principally controlled by the light-dark cycle. Optimal melatonin production occurs at night, in a dark environment, especially after a bright sunny day. Because melatonin is not stored in the body we need a liberal supply for each evening to sleep well. Studies reveal that daily exposure to natural sunlight will boost melatonin output. Artificial light is a weak substitute, same goes for  melatonin supplements)
  • Helps in cases of depression.
  • Sunlight kills germs
  • It helps Improve immunity

Vitamin D is very essential in the body and in the presence of the potent rays; the body produce the enough of the D vitamin that the body could use. This essential nutrient (the D vitamins) controls body hormones production/use and cell growth; it also helps your body absorb and use the calcium it needs for strong bones.1

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                          PROTECTION AGAINST THE SUN           

The rays of the sun are good for us in during the early and late hours of the day.Click To Tweet The hours between sunrise to 10A.m and from 4:30 p.m. to sun set, are considered the best periods to get sun exposures and those hours are what I call the “green periods” for sun exposure.

The prolonged and continues direct exposure to the sunlight after 10am to could be very harmful to us. Those  hours are not considered safe, so to avoid the powerful properties that could harm you when it becomes very harsh for direct use, please make sure to use:

  • Sunglasses for the eyes; to protect it against cataracts
  • Umbrellas or hats; to help prevent sunstroke/dryness or the shrinking or folding of the skin
  • Avoid sunburn, it raises the risk of skin cancer (malignant melanoma) [NOTE: dietary choices can also affect the chances of getting skin cancer.  A diet high in fact, so common in our societies today, significantly increases a person’s risk.      On the other hand, antioxidant-rich diets, which include food sources such from – fruits and vegetables, can help protect us from many types of cancers. Diets high in vitamins C and E have been shown to offer significant protection against skin cancer in particular.]
  • Avoid exposure between the hours of 10: Am and 4.p.m- to reduces risk of skin cancer


The best way to obtain healthy amounts of these antioxidant vitamins is to eat the foods that contain them. Vitamin C is found in abundance in fresh vegetables and fruit, such as red and green bell peppers, green leafy vegetables (including moringa), strawberries, blueberries, and all citrus fruits. Some good sources of Vitamin E include almonds and sunflower seeds, green soybeans, sunflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, and even cooked spinach.

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  • Exercise in the open space, around abundance of nature(trees, grasses, lakes or rivers etc) is best
  • 15 to 20 minutes daily exposure is sufficient for 4-6 times weekly
  • Open windows to let sunshine into your rooms, this practice will allow the powerful sun-rays to kill the harmful microbes around.
  • Avoid sunburn/ tan by limiting exposures to the “Green periods.” In other-world, don’t make it a habit to be under the sun after 10 Am to 4:30 Pm.

“Open the blinds and curtains, throw open the shutters, and let the natural sunlight pour in”. The rays of the sun kill germs and destroy inhabiting environments favorable for the development of harmful organisms.

The powerful rays of the sun, after the safe hours of 10 a.m., are also good to us but not directly. Those rays sanitize our vast environment together with the lightning, and it dries our grains and other stuffs for preservation for prolong use. The rays also provide us with serious power that fulfills our solar energy needs. So in no way is the sun unfavorable to us. What is important is to know when best to get the variety of the energy and power that the sun dispenses.

Sunlight helps prevent cancer

Speaking of cancer, which is considered a lifestyle disease and one of the most brutal of them, Let me now ask you this: did you know that sunshine could actually help to prevent it?

You should know or be reminded that People who get adequate sunshine, a particular sturdy showed,  are less likely to develop breast, colon or prostate cancer.5 Researchers have also observed that the vitamin D and the  related compounds formed as a result of the exposure to sunlight appear to suppress the growth of cancers already present in persons. This includes certain types of leukemia and lymphoma, as well as breast and colon cancers. So sunlight will do good to all, with or without cancer conditions.

The NEW START lifestyle program, as I stated in the first paragraph, is based on eight (8) natural and simple principles. They are simple day-to-day occurrence and opportunities, such as the utilization of occurrence of daily sunshine, which many overlook but are vital to our keenest desire for optimum health. Simple principles such as: Water- how much is needed for the day, Air– how best can we breathe etc.

*Note: the quotations from some popular magazines e.g. Time Magazine and Newsweek- are explicit reports on scientific research made by universities, laboratories, nutritionists and scientists; they are not just efforts by journalists to fill –up columns on health issues. Rather, they are facts brought to public domain through the mass media –of print- because of the prevalence of these ravaging diseases and the need to help proffer correct information to the populace.

Make sure to expose yourself to the favorable and needed sun rays today and only within the safe periods.

Have you tried this before? Let us know what your observations are, also fell free to use the comment box below and to share with friends.

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