TEMPERANCE: How to keep fit with Moderation


The word TEMPERANCE also means- Balance or Moderation

A balanced lifestyle is a healthful lifestyle.1 this quote appears very simple but it is evident that health, according to Alexander Pope, depends on Temperance alone. We are going to understand most habits and practices that transcends to intemperance and also to know the benefits of being temperate or moderate in all we do.

Balance, moderation or Temperance is the 5th, of the eight (8), laws of health as expressed in the acronym NEW START. The proper use and implementation of these principles of health and healing will, not only add health to your life, but maximum efficiency to your existence. You can read the article on The NEW START here.

Please bear this simple statement to mind that; an intemperate man cannot be a patient man, take note of it, we will infer on this quote later.

“Moderation” is a simpler word for temperance, and I could say that a simple definition of temperance is “MODERATION’. Good things are to be used intelligently (i.e. with caution and wisdom) and harmful things are not to be used at all. The goal of temperate living is peak physical, mental and emotional well-being, and that is what good health is all about.

Temperance does not just involve alcohol, tobacco and drug use. It refers to all aspects of our lifestyle, whether it is with overeating, overworking, too much play, or too little/much of anything. Such unbalanced living robs men and women of a rich, healthy and satisfying life.3

The use of alcoholic liquors is not the only determinant of an intemperate life. The crime of intemperate eating, eating too frequently, or too much, and of rich, unwholesome food, destroys the healthy actions of the digestive organs, these overlook imbalance lifestyle affects the brain, and perverts the judgment, preventing rational, calm, and healthy thinking and acting.4


   Tips on moderation

  • If you do not know that overeating has a worse effect the system than overworking, know it now it now that it does. That excess food cannot be made into either flesh or blood, and its presence burdens the liver, and produces a morbid condition of the system.
  • Again, diligent study is not the principal cause of the breaking down of the mental powers. The main cause is improper diet, irregular meals, and inactivity or a lack of exercise; also irregular eating and sleeping hours sap the brain forces.
  • When excesses are cut or corrected the effects on the body begin to be correct by the mechanisms of the body and the symptoms they were giving also wanes with the consistency in the implementation of the principle of health and life.
  • `the consumption of proper diet; Low-fat diet- extremely low-fat diet can actually revere heart disease, without the use of additional medication.7Newsweek 10, June 2002

Intemperance, weight gain and other effects

As far back as 2002 it was reported that “… More than 50% of adults in European Union are classified as overweight or obese.5 Newsweek 10, June 2002.todady it’s WHO is putting at above 68 and that by 2030 all adults would be overweight.

“…people who are obese as children have a high risk of becoming obese adults- meaning they will have much higher risk than their slender counterparts of contracting a broad range of debilitating diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes and cancer.6 Time, July 7, 2003/ Vol. 162 No 1

Every drink of alcohol irreparably destroys brain cells. Alcohol promotes high blood pressure and is directly toxic to the heart muscle. Alcohol increases the risk of:

Heart failure



Stomach ulcers

One or Two drinks of alcohol can produce spasm of the coronary arteries, decreasing the oxygen supply to the heart. Liver cirrhosis is common in alcohol users. Alcohol robs the body of vitamins and minerals.

Perhaps the saddest statistics are those of damaged babies who are permanently retarded due to their parents’ alcohol use or lifestyle choice.

FACTS and RESULTS of Intemperate lifestyle

  • Men who smoke have 22 times higher risk of lung cancer
  • Adolescents drinking alcohol are 8 times more likely to use illicit drugs, or simply, they are more likely to be drug addicts.
  • Most highway deaths involve the use of alcohol
  • Billions are lost by families and institutions resulting from preventable work and home accidents, as a result of (intoxication) the influence of alcohol and tobacco.


The greatest danger faced by the young people of this age is a lack of self-control, which is a fundamental training that falls squarely on the shoulders of fathers and mothers and less on the care-givers and teachers.   However, Indulgent parents do, and not teach their children self-denial or discipline, because no one can give what they do not have.

“It is impossible for those who give the reins to appetite to attain to Christian perfection” [no wonder there is a marked shift in the moral standards of people and nations that were stern believers year ago. The preponderance of the American and European population indulge themselves to excess in eating and drinking, -with less physical work too- they are fast losing the perfection they once had.(this quote was written over a hundred and twenty years ago and they remain valid than ever before) ]



“Addictions” according to the NIDA, “are repetitive behaviors in the face of negative consequences, the desire to continue something you know is brief (bad) for you”. – Direction, US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

So we can agree to the simple summation that one is addicted to something when you do or use a particular substance regularly, despite your knowledge or the experience you have of its negative effect(s) and or its capacity/ tendency to cause harm to you. To continue to indulge yourselfer with such same substance(s) is addiction.





  • If you drink or always crave and use drugs when alone
  • If you get yourself  drunk or high on drugs regularly
  • Needing more to get the same high
  • Denying the problem of addiction
  • When you responding apathetically or indifferently to important issues or matters that demand prompt action or decision.

When this and some other behaviors are undeniably present, know that you need help and there is hope for you. There are many professional institutions and missions’ setup to assist people with addiction problems to reclaims their life.

If you have not heard or known of Alcohol Anonymous visit them now… other sits



The Use of Drugs (illicit drugs and abuse of others) – Despite all the awareness about illegal drugs, we continue to see an increase in the use and abuse of drugs. Many young people begin using drugs out of curiosity; to please friends, to provide an escape from reality or to avoid dealing with problems. Because drugs don’t solve problems, users often find that instead of escaping from their problems, they end up adding a tough new one — drug addiction. Repeated use of certain drugs can result in drug dependence, physical or Psychological and it destroys the being and essence of man.

People always use drugs and form a total dependence on it by some desires to avoid some form of illness or discomfort. The dependence crates a burning crave for more which often lands such in dangerous and illegal acts to be able to obtain a continuing supply. Up to 70% of prison inmates are observed to have been incarcerated for drug-related crimes

Tobacco – One of the most addictive of all substances used by humans the world over, kills about 1,200 Americans every day.

“Smoking” which is the greatest form of tobacco use “is the single most preventable cause of death in America.” (US Surgeon General)

In addition to lung cancer that everyone knows about, tobacco use also is causative in many other cancers. Its mixture of over 20 poisons leads to disease: emphysema, stomach ulcers, heart disease, diabetes, and low birth-weight babies etc. Smoking is expensive — it costs Americans $1 billion a week in extra health care and insurance costs.



   Remember, it is far easier to prevent a drug problem than to cure one. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, get help!

Now we will, briefly, look at how to break an addition problem(s)


  • First of all reflect and thinks about the negative result of your addiction
  • Replace your old habits with better ones; that very unwanted habits must be changed or substituted with a new and better now.
  • Resist temptations. You have to refuse yourselves from yielding to the urge to do the ill habit once small, you may need some of your close people to succeed with this resistance
  • Get the support of your family and good friends, your close bodies should know you need their support in the decision you have make to quit such addiction(s)
  • Trust in divine power to overcome your habits: a complete man is a three dimensional being; the physical body, the mental and the spirit, so you must reach out and be sustained by the supreme power of God.

Please be patient with yourself. Remember, old habits were not formed in a day and they do not go away by mere whishes. You must persevere until the new lifestyle becomes automatic and second nature to your person. A new nature!

Empowered by God, we can say with full assurance, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV




Temperance means more than avoiding bad and injurious substances; it means the moderate or judicious use of all that is good for optimum health and wellbeing.

These are some of the good stuffs and other health  principles that should be used in moderation.

  • Nutrition: the food we eat.
  • Exercise: activity
  • Water:
  • Sunlight exposure


NUTRITION: while food is important for man’s sustenance what we eat: the type/composition, quantity and frequency is of outmost important.


Overeating is a very injurious habit and should be avoided.

Eating at odd hours also harms the system. We are supposed to eat the last meal for the day, at list 4 hours before bedtime. For more directive on how best to handle the nutrition our body requires read more here.

EXERCISE: while physical activity is good you are not to over indulge yourself to harm. 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 times a day is sufficient for health. Activities that wear on some body parts are not to good.

No pain no gain is a wrong dictum for exercise, when you begin to feel pain, as you exercise, you should stop.

WATER: the internal and external use of water is vital for optimum health; however, one should not drink water without regulation. And it is not advisable to drink with food. Therefore, conscious effort needs to be effected to regularize ones meal times as to be able to know when to start and suspend drinking. For more on the use of water click here..

SUNSHINE is good for man and the eco-system, but the best times for exposure is between sunrise to about 10 Am and from about 4:30 P.m. to sunset. It’s then not advisable to expose ourselves to the rays at hours when the sun is intense, this is to prevent or reduce the chances of skin burns and  developing some serious skin diseases.

Changes in your lifestyle today can add years, perhaps decades, to your life. What’s more, the quality of your life can vastly improve by applying some simple lifestyle adjustments today. Plan right now and enjoy the habits that stocks the years ahead with a balanced high-quality life!


The New Start lifestyle program is based on eight (8th) simple principles of which temperance is the 5th principle. They are simple day-to-day` occurrence and opportunities which we overlook but are key to our desire for optimum health.

Caution, which is another correlation of the 5th Principle (TEMPERANCE) of health as presently discussed, is the fulcrum of a perfect lifestyle; it is the scale that balances or weights the amount of good that becomes bad to our system.

Temperance is a determining factor if the good natural occurrences will yield good effect to your health or if it will result in abuse or injury to your health.


*Note: the quotations from some popular magazines e.g. Time Magazine and Newsweek- are explicit reports on scientific researches made by universities, laboratories, nutritionists and scientists, and not just an effort by journalists to fill –up columns on issues. Rather, they are facts brought to the public domain through the mass media –of print- because of the prevalence of these ravaging diseases and the need to help proffer correct information to the populace.




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