plenty of lack: the Abundance of nonsense

What actually is affecting everyone in this Age?

The problems of this age are quite numerous and so peculiar to different individuals, communities and States. However we will not bother ourselves with every issue maligning human peace and comfort  in this very age (the 21st century). We will only consider a particular problem with widespread occurrence.

What is the Problem of this Age?

Of a known fact, the problem of this age is not the lack of anything, but abundance- of information, mobility, resources, scientific innovation etc , yet our problem is of proper choice and the application of the right option arising from the confusing abundance that exists in virtually, every category of desires, wants and needs in our world today.

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The Problem of this Age

The problem of this age is abundance and not lack or scarcity. There is a mammoth availability of everything in our world today, even immorality. It is greed and selfishness that hinder the even distribution of available goods and resources. Though we record abundance all-around, we are still faced with serious lack in many quarters of the earth.

This state of abundance of everything is even more common in the food segments; – food and food processing industries, eateries and food chains etc. saturate every space around us today.

Truth be said, hunger is not the real problem of the world today, but overfeeding and excess; which are sharp

indices of greed and selfishness. It is this excess that is the main reason for the very high rate of obesity in the world today. Obesity does not result from lack or hunger, but from excess.

Obesity: the epidemic of the Age

The Epidemic of the Age

Obesity is, today, considered an epidemic of the age by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and all well-meaning and health-conscious institutions around the globe. These institutions dedicate resources and effort to help prevent, or at least, reduce the rate of obesity in the world today. Approximately 2.2 billion people are obsessed today, and that is about 30% of the world’s population*.

This is happening around us because a lot of us are overfed and hence; overweight. All of which are direct results from abundance and indulgence. But how good are these abundant food elements (synthesized spices/seasoning) and items (highly processed grains, vegetables, fruits etc)?

How we are affected by “Abundance”

There are basically eight (8) natural principles for general health, wellness, fitness and vigor, already experimented upon by scientists and nutritionists. These principles of health have been proven to improve and maintain good health. These principles, when applied and obeyed effectively assist the body to prevent or combat various diseases from attacking the body. But because of the problem of this age, which is “abundance”, both in information and activities:-because of “abundance”- we find it difficult to apply these principles in our day to day living.

These are the laws of health and how “abundance of resources” affects or hinder its observation. The first is we will briefly consider is food. Let’s see how abundance is making it difficult to choose or eat right.

Should we all be vegetarians? Good food or balanced diet is needed to keep our body healthy and fit. The type of food we eat, time of eating the food and manner of its preparation should be of serious concern to us if we must be in health. However, the abundance of unhealthful edible substances associated with this age; prevent us from making proper choices.

These Junks foods are readily available and are enticing, sweet, and easy to access, and in most cases they come with a wide spectrum of the product variations.

The increased product options increase the confusion in making proper choice  and many intemperate and weak minded men and women, usually go for all the verity at a time or one after another. For instance food flavor for some products may include: vanilla, banana, strawberry flavors etc for some range of product and such often repeats itself in almost all the products in the market.

Also there are too many low cost none-water liquid-drinks: in their numerous assortments.

Biscuits, pastas, noodle etc. notwithstanding, most of these numerous commodities are produced with slight variations, that one would have a headache or thoughtful moments picking from these ever-continuous brands assortments, just to select the manageable item from the confusing bunch.

All these make it difficult for people to easily access what is best for them.

 Exercise: Action or physical activity is needed for proper circulation of blood and body fluids in the body. However, the abundance of streamlined or tailored transport systems and locomotive machines, make it more difficult to have adequate exercise: – from  electric scooters, roller boards and shoes; including lifts and escalators, to individual and families, with upwards of 2 usable cars.  Some families have up to, as high as, 7 to 16 cars/vehicles per family.

In essence, such family have specific vehicle for specific occasion, events and outings- and the result is that hardly do most of us have the leisure of having a day-to-day passive exercise which is good for us. Today we are at the crossroad where, if one must exercise, then it must be scheduled or one will not freely get any chance to access any exercise casually, this is too bad.

use of water for health benefits and healingWater: our body needs much water for the systems to function properly, but because of this same problem of the ‘age’, we find that water, in most places, is more expensive or is at same price-tag with other ready-to-drink beverages, and for the uninformed or unprincipled mind, who are more likely to choose other liquids over water when they are thirsty. This is often done with a myopic reason.

The reason is usually to derive maximum satisfaction for their expenditure. And what, if I may ask, do we actually get when we consume any of these unnatural products?  Nothing, We get no more than water + salt + sugar+ flavors and colorants (and other preservatives and chemicals) all are = temporary “enjoyment”, but the long term results are usually =+ weakness and disease.

sunlight for health and healing

Sunlight:  we need constant exposure to the healing rays of the morning and evening sunlight.  But for the

sake of constant supply and the abundance of artificial light energy, many in this age, are living from day-to-day without proper exposure to the healing rays of the sun. The properly illuminated homes, offices and other spaces, make it easy to forget to even open the windows and blinds to allow the healing rays of the sun to pure in our homes, offices and other public spaces.

ModerationModeration: it is very important for us to be temperate in all things we do. We should have some level of regulation for whatever we do if we must be healthy. Here we also notice that the abundant civil and commercial right we have today is the same privilege that has made us human beings to live our lives in complete excess.

Advertisers and producers are protected by law to shove their different products on the faces of unsuspecting populace. And we also have our own individual rights to desire and like anything even craps too- and most of us exercise and express this rights which is leading many women, men and children into sickness, disease and “pride” in idiocy and foolishness.

Today, no generation is as obese as we are, and what is the cause? The cause is nothing but results of “abundance”, greed, and immoderate choices and acts.

Natural surroundings adequate to guarantee health
Natural surroundings

Air: we need fresh oxygenated air at all times, day and night, we need it. However, the abundance of artificial air, from air refiners and conditioners, these things make it difficult for several people to get the best of the revitalizing fresh air from nature.

In the presence of abundance, many now live their lives in a complete circle of Air-conditioned environment, from fully A/Ceed home to A/Ceed vehicle Cars/SUVs/ executive shuttles) to A/C offices and business hobs and to A/ceed gymnasiums and churches (thought most people in this age really visit the last two public spaces mentioned) my solemn question is: How did we get here?

The Change that should take place

Please if you are caught in this web, we urge you to make urgent arrangement for a positive charge please. This is very important.

Rest: rest is very crucial for our physical and mental health; therefore we are expected to sleep for certain hours a day (up to 7 to 8 hours) and also to have some time off in vacation- from time to time. But in the presence of ‘abundant’ activities and engagement ever calling for our devoted attention, we short-changed ourselves, and get less hours of sleep.

We seldom have yearly planned vacations or recreational trips. We, unconsciously, overwork ourselves in other to acquire other ‘abundant’ goods and services, which we also wants to have in abundant so that we can impress people we do not know who always also care less about us.

Why People don’t have time for proper Rest

Season movies and soaps take our time; video gaming, games, parties, clubs and other “this-and-that” social activities consume our time and we have very little time for ourselves and this happen on a consistent basis- we wear ourselves down;- we lose in health stringent and vigor.

So, in the presence of too many projects and stuffs to do, we lose time for proper rest and we are literarily dying from stress. It is this  lack of proper rest (as a contributing factor) that is causing the populace a lot of mental imbalance (depression and suicide) cases.

Trust: in this age, to trust oneself, others, systems or governments (and for many) to trust God is not common; because we have exhibited much doubt and distrust in this age.

In the face of numerous proclamations and oath that people take, we observe, men and women of this age are fast losing confidence in people and on system. But the worst is the loss of trust in God, the creator and sustainer of life and health.

In the abundance of leaning institutions and programs and other academic attainments and achievements, the people of this age should have known batter but we have learnt nothing, and many of us have come to terms with confusion. Many have lost their hold on the Divine. – So destructively bad it is.

We are at the cross road today, that  many people are contemplating the place of God in their lives and what they should do with their thought of Him. While others are confident to proceed in their day-to-day existence without a place for God in their thought, regard, and allegiance: – what a liberated age?

In a nutshell, all these excess results in useless, foolish acts, debility and total destruction of the mind, the body and spirit of man, this is the damming results as we have come to observe them in our different societies today.

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We have everything in abundance in this particular age, but we all, as individual and leaders of group and communities must make determined effort only to use, from this ‘abundant’, what will help us and solve a need: we cannot just eat stuffs for the test of it alone, but we plane our meals for value, nutrients and for preservation of vigor, heath and life.

To prevent the health problems of the age do these:

  • Be active; maintain a planned and regular exercise program.
  • Take, if possible, only water for drinks; were difficult reduce all beverage intake
  • Enjoy the wonderful healing rays of the morning sun
  • Be moderate in all you do; even the good food you eat; the water you drink etc, just use what is needed and what will help you, simple. Leave the bunch of colorful and testy junks.
  • Make time to enjoy the fresh air in national surroundings.
  • Remember to put work and pressures aside to have that necessary rest, sleep and vacations

Today, not tomorrow, begin to apply all these health principles.

This is as important as all others: you have to review your place in your Makers sphere, and His hold on you. we cannot learn ourselves way from common sense and reason into madness and foolishness


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